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Siren’s Garden


This is a lovely sim Plateau of Man. There are a ton of great places to take pictures here. A¬† library, cafe, garden and much more with a handy teleport system to help you get around. The sim is a bit fantasy themed but in a subtle sort of way. It’s easy to get lost and there are many interestng paths to take.

Okay I was able to restrict myself to only wearing six of the items I picked up at the Bewildebeest sale. I’ve got the Hypatia set which includes ring, bracelet earrings and necklace and comes with several gem choices. I’m not sure if I got a very good pic of it (it’s hidden by my collar) but I love the woven texture on the upper half of the necklace. The bindi comes in silver or gold and lots of gems of course. The hairsticks are wound with delicate gold chains and are capped in gold with jem pendants at the ends.

The lip and eyemakeup from Croire are sold at the current Fashion Garett for 50L each. Both are transparent but the eyes are much more bold, the lips are faded and allow the colors underneath to show. My horns are in a discontinued shade but this style is still for sale in other colors.

My outfit is another color of La Morte Elf from Violent Seduction which I’ve blogged previously in purple. This color is siren with shades of teal and blue, and I wore it without the jacket. With the shape of the skirt and the name of the color I imagined a mermaid on a rare visit up from the sea to a nearby garden on land.

I had what I thought was a weird bug taking photos today. The resolution wouldn’t go higher than default. Then I noticed I had ‘show HUD’ checked. D’oh apparently that locks the resolution for some reason. Oh well. ūüôā

Credits –
Hair: >TRUTH< Orchid Plain – chocolate
Hair ornament: .( Bewildebeest ). Heleyne Hair Ornament – Jade
Skin: –Sorry Asia – Rurutia
Eyes:  Ibanez ColorGlow Eyes РFangorn
Tattoo:Croire ‚Äď @TFG psychadelic palette – (poseidon) ty!
Lashes: FTL – CO1 Natural
Jewelry: .( Bewildebeest ). Hypatia Green set + .( Bewildebeest ). Bindi 1 – Gold – Tsavorit
Horns:.{Rue}. ~ The Chirurgeon – Dagon (old texture)
Outfit: Violent Seduction – La Morte Elf – Siren ty!
Poses: Adorkable , LAP


10L Sale at Port Seraphine! 48 hours only


Woah…so I got the notice about a 10L sale (20L sets) at Bewildebeest. I bought everything! Then I went to spread the word and I found out it isn’t just Bewildebeest that’s having a sale. Pixeldolls, Romance, Gallactic, and Bilo are all taking part.¬†But I took pictures of Bewildebeest so that’s what you’ll get hehe. I don’t usually do this sort of post but the sale is so short and I don’t want anyone to miss these amazing jewelries if I can help it. Oh and I had some kind of eyes closed bug but no time to fix it MUST POST NOW! 9am Tuesday to 9am Thursday.

I thought about trying to take more photos of examples but really by the time I would be done with it the sale would be over too. So I grabbed some snaps of some of the vendor photos. There are two floors and the upper floor has a few freebies as does the subomatic and there are a few gachas outside. These are unique, very detailed and carefully textured and often come with many gem choices. Most of these items are around 200-400L at their usual price and totally worth it.

I haven’t posted pictures of all the vendors..there are more. If you haven’t been you should give it a look! edit: OK I’ve had a look at the rest of the sim too now…lots of clothes, boots and even skins!

Credits –

Hair: Exile

Skin: DLS Aestali @ Fall Fete event 25L

Jewelry: Bewildebeest – Cassandra Moss Agate

Pose: LAP

New mesh dress from Jane and stuff!


SO much lovely mesh is coming out. Today I got this new release from Jane, a cinch waist dress.¬† Apparently it gave her some trouble during creation but it was worth it! This dress is loose in ways that would have been pretty much impossible to get right before mesh. There are four sizes and six colors to choose from. Because the skirt is pretty short I found that some poses which would normally break a longer mesh skirt worked fine for this one which is a nice bonus. A little too short for the chilly autumn weather I thought so underneath I’ve got a pair of leggings from Zaara. These come with many so length options. Open or closed toe, knee, thigh or regular socks, high or normal waisted leggings.

My makeup is from Croire at the fashion garret. There are four colors to choose from in the psychadelic palette set and the eyeshadow and lip gloss are separate. They are both transparent so anything you are wearing below it will change the effect the makeup has on you. I especially like the lips, lip fades and dual colored lips are fun. Add these on top of another color lipstick to give an extra golden shimmer.

The elemental earth designs necklace and earrings set are another of the elemental themed¬† items made for Jewelry Fair. Now that it’s over they can be found at the main shop. There are earth, water and air themed versions of this set. The texture of the pendant reminds me of those pictures drawn in coffee. That’s a weird way to describe it I know but I love the effect. The shoes from HOC come with a hud that gives several options for color of the shoe and buckles. I wanted to show off a close up of the textures on them too.

I set out the Autumn Bench from Zuri’s Garden and the lanterns and haybales from Dreamscapes which were both on todays’ Moody Monday lineup for just 55L each. The bench is 18prims and transfer. It comes with¬† bushels of wheat to either side, a small pile of pumpkins to the left and an adorable little birdhouse with a bird on the right. There are several animations including male, female and reading poses and the built in adjustment system makes sure poses will fit your shape, short or tall.

The set from Dreamscapes has several parts: hay bales, a lantern string, pumpkin candles and a pile of pillows with built in sits. All copy so if you have the prims you can line your yard in pretty lights!

Credits –

Hair: Elikatira – Novel – Red 05

Skin: Dutch Touch – Mensje Spec.Ed. Blossom (still on sale)

Eyes: Negaposi – Dreaming Eyes – Brown

Makeup: Croire – @TFG psychadelic palette (tropical) eye+lip ty!

Lashes: FTL – CO1 Natural

Necklace + Earrings: EED – Fireflower Set ty!

Bracelet: EED – Fire Bangles ty!

Dress: JANE – cinch waist dress.austin.browns

Nails: Sexy Mamas Prim Nails

Tights: Zaara Nishar Leggings – nude

Shoes: HOC – Country Wedges

Bench: Zoe’s Garden – Autumn Bench (moody monday) ty!

Lanterns РDreamscapes РAutumn Feast  (moody monday)

Standing Poses: Adorkable – Kooky Dork (moody monday)

Meshooka ( I am terrible )


This is Mashooka’s first mesh release, and the red color is a group gift! There are three sizes included and two alpha layers, one that hides everything and one that hides only the chest area. Glich pants are provided too, if you choose to wear the alpha that hides only the chest. I got a lot of compliments in this outfit. The fit is so perfect on my shape one person even told me that she didn’t realize it was a mesh (and I had been sitting in a chair!).

Secrets Hair has just released Helena, an elegant updo pulled to the side with loose curls framing the face and long flexi whisps that add some movement. Best for dressing up but it’s messy enough to be used with a casual outfit too I think. My makeup is from Mock, both are group gifts but not current ones., though there are other gifts in the notices. If you like makeup you want to be in this group.

I grabbed the YS&YS skin and eyes from the new Dressing Room collection right up. The skin tone is lovely…darker tones are my favorite, and it comes with a ton of options. Regular or thick eyebrows and cleavage , freckles, hairbase and sun burn/tan lines tattoo layers. All for the low TDR price and the eyes are included! My shoes are a hunt gift from “On The Hunt” at Flax Pye. Look for a tiny magnifying glass and the shoes are inside. They have a lot of options for the studs and buckles as well as nail colors.

These nails from Sexy Mamas are awesome. I hadn’t tried them but someone suggested them and I’m happy I tried them out! They are mod which I love, and they come with a built in relaxed hands pose which is really useful. I do have an AO that I use for prim nails but these I can wear with any AO. They also come with six sizes prefit which is more than I have seen from any other nail place. On top of all that each color pack includes 50 color/texture options including art, tips and gems depending on which pack you get.

Credits –

Hair: Secrets Hair [TS] Helena – Black
Skin:@TDR *YS & YS* Terry Autumn TDR
Eyes:@TDR *YS&YS* – EyeReal BrownNut
Lashes: [ glow ] eyelashes – Clean 01
Tattoo Makep1: [mock] Dark Warm Brown Cotton Candy Makeover
Tattoo Makep2: [mock] Pueblo Lip Jelle
Dress: Mashooka Janice size 3 (group gift 100L join)
Prim Nails: *Sexy Mamas* Prim Nails – Glitter
Shoes: FlaxPye :: Sadowara :: Black/Brown :: (on the hunt gift)
Poses: LAP

A Fawny Thing Happened…


Sadly no deer live in my backyard. I had to play pretend with one of my plushies from Stray Pig.

This week’s Project Themeory (week 68) is “Oh Deer!” Croire has this makeup set for 75L till Monday. It comes in light and dark versions, I’m wearing the dark here. Blush, freckles, eyeliner, lip balm and eye shadow are included on one layer or seperately. If you want the exact look of the eyes in the ad, there is a eyebrow shaper included and the style card has suggested eye shape numbers to help too.

The necklace from EED is one of their ethnicity pouches. There are several bead pattern and color combos inspired by different ethnic groups. Each comes with a long or short version necklace . There is also a gacha with a similar style necklace at the Jewelry Fair which is just about to end on the 25th! After the fair the necklace will be at the main shop.

Credits –

Hair: Lelutka – Rykiel – Soysauce

Skin: Dutch Touch – sterre- cream (the skin sale is still going on)

Eyes: UH – Crystal eye – mossgreen (gift)

Makeup: Croire – doe-eyed makeup dark (75L this weekend) ty!

Jewelry: EED@jewelry fair (main store here) – Ethnicity Pouch – Thai 2 – long ty!

Outfit: Caverna Obscura – Earth Element

Deer: Stray Pig (lucky board)





I’m so into the holiday spirit and it’s not even October yet. Perhaps because I’ve been hanging around the set up of my friend’s Samhain festival. In fact that’s where I was when I set up these photos. I just dumped a bunch of grass and plants in the middle of the site.

I love the night setting shots but I took some brighter ones so the stuff I’m wearing can actually be seen too. My skin is a new release from AMD, Catalina and on her lips is Flirt lipstick.

I’ve got another of the new sets from EED on. Silver trees on a firey background, it comes with necklace, earrings, bracelet and a ring.

My awesome firefly poses are from LAP. They inlclude a regular version and a version that spawns extra firefly particles around you.

Credits –
Hair: Exile   Buffy Maple
Skin: AMD Catalina Peachy thanks!

Eyes: Sorry Asia May Eyes

Lipstck: Flirt Lipstick Juicy Red thanks!
Jewelry: *EED* Shizen Autumn Opal (175L only at jewelry fair till the 25th) thanks!
Dress: Whatever Enchanted Fires Dress

Poses: LAP

My Dear Friend


Violent Seduction is having a little sale on some older products to make room. The sale items are half off and on the left side of the shop as you enter.¬† I got Necromantic since I’ve been picking up bones themed stuff since I got these skins from Nuuna. The dress has a sort of cutout that shows the built in ribcage on the front and spine on the back.

I got lucky after just two tries at the Gacha to win the deer that matched my outfit. These are super cute mesh plushies that come with a hold animation. The deer are no transfer though so if you want a certain color no relying on trading with friends. I like how he has wide eyes like my skele shape does. I should have worn red eyes to match! Oh well, next time.

Credits –

Hair Tattoo- Icon Hairbase Charcol (100L)

Skin + Eyes – Nuuna – Ellivu (300L pack of four styles eyes included)

Outfit- Violent Seduction – Necromantic (250L half off sale)

Boots- Dilly Dolls –¬† Shrew Boots (100L)

Deer Friend – Violent Seduction – Calamity (ltd. ed Plushie gacha 30L)

Poses – Glitterati

Location – Salem Villiage

Angel on a Flinder Wing


Well there is a big sale going on at Dutch Touch! Most skins are 250-350L, makeup packs are 250L. Here is one, Jaliah. She’s got a very sweet and innocent looking face. There are a lot of things I like about Dutch Touch skins. The crisp lips, the shading around the bridge of the nose and the way the eyebrow hairs are done. I also really love that the newer skins come with a No Brows option. I’ve got some tattoo eyebrows I like, and sometimes I even like to go browless so it’s great to have that choice.

I noticed that the skin specific Dutch Touch lipsticks seemed to work well even with skins of other tones. It’s also nice that in the pack of colors there are two versions for most. One is full color and the other is slightly faded on the edges. In these pics I’m wearing the faded style. It’s very subtle. Some of the skins include lipsticks on the tattoo layer, eyeliner, hairbases and tattoo brows, four clevage types, freckles, prim lashes and high and low rez versions. Lots of options for a very low price. Each skin line has different combos of these extras and some are not obvious till after buying. For example Jaliah comes with tattoo eyebrows which are usable on other skin tones too!

My jewelry is from Elemental Earth designs and currently only available at the jewelry fair. They will be in the mainshop after the fair is over Sept. 25th. Sirena took the elements theme and ran with it so the EED stall has a ton of new jewelry styled after the four elements. I find the textures on the gems and wood just gorgeous. Everything from EED is transfer so it’s a nice place to visit if you’re looking for a gift. Each item comes in a neat elements themed giftbox, I’ll have to show them sometime.

The outfit from Angelwing was a previous hunt gift. Occasionally Angelwing will have a store wide hunt with a color of new release as the prize.¬†There isn’t a hunt currently going on but there are gifts out, MM boards and lucky chairs if you are looking for a deal. There are two skirts included with the dress, short and long. It also comes with the flower wreath and wings made of ivy. Covering the dress are details of woven wicker, winding ivy and daisys. So much detail and only 200L a color.¬† Yay!

Credits –

Hair: Zero Style – Page (300L)
Skin: Dutch Touch – Jaliah – Cafenoir (sale! 350L)
Shape: Dutch Touch Sterre (dutch touch group gift)
Eyes: The Plastik – OniCollection – Turtleshell
Tattoo lips: Dutch Touch – Jaliah – Ebony nr7a (sale! 250L a fatpack)
Outfit: Angelwing – Elysia Brown (200L)
Jewelry: Elemental Earth Designs (fair stall) – enchanted crystal necklace(115L) and earth bangles(125 for a set of left and right) thank you!
Lashes: FTL

Angel of Love


Today I’m wearing a full avatar from N1CO called Angel. It comes with nearly everything, the top and feather skirt wih star belt, pony boots, wings, skin, shape and eyes.

The wings are scripted to flap when flying. There are little silver stars on the boots, belt and halo. The stars give off a very pretty glow. Subtle…I turned the lights down low to capture it in photo, it looks just how starlight should. The halo is abstract and reminds me of shooting stars.

My jewelry set is from Jamman Jewels called Peace Love world sign. There are two versions of this necklace, I’ve got the vertical one on here. Tiny sculpted signs symbolize unity despite differences. On the back of the neckace the Jamman logo hangs from the clasp.

Credits –

Hair: Magika – Glitter Aina (old gift, but the glitter was perfect for my angel)

Jewelry: Jamman Jewels World Peace ty!

Avatar + Outfit:  N1CO Angel ty!

Violent Seduction New Release – La Morte Elf


Violent Seduction has released an amazing dress La Morte Elf which is a mesh redo of an older popular dress La Morte Imp. It’s elegant and sexy…I feel a bit like Elvira in it. The skirt moves so great with poses and AO that I had a hard time picking my favorite pictures. I try to edit but when I just can’t choose one I post em all! One detail I love about the skirt is that it comes in two parts. Most mesh clothing is invisible on the inside due to rigging and to reduce lag. But this skirt comes in two pieces. You can wear both the inside and out outside parts. So if you cam under the skirt (not that you would cam under ladies skirts!) or look down the sides it is actually visible.

The corset is also mesh and a seperate piece, so it can be worn alone and mixed with other outfits. The collar and sleeves are not mesh, that allows them to be resized and moved around for a perfect fit. The corset and skirt are rigged and can’t be moved around, so grabbing the demo available at the shop is a good idea. There are also three shirt styles that you can mix and match. Choose between pasties, a sash that covers one breast and a bolero jacket or wear all three for a perfectly modest dress. The textures are rich and detailed with patterns, baked shadows and that lovely smooth gradient. I’ve made a closeup of the skirt to show it off.

These little details are why I went head over heels as soon as I recieved it. The dress comes in five colors: Coagulate which I am wearing here, Siren with blue and teal gradients, Death (black), Acid(green) and Blood (red). I’m sure I’ll want to blog them all but previews of each color can be seen at the official VS blog page too. They are 600L each or 2000L for the fatpack. The fatpack is also on marketplace.

Lucky I had just gotten a group gift from Rue’s new in world group that fits my new dress perfectly, a pair of eyes recently sent out. The eyes come in five sizes with regular and prim eye options. There is a 100L fee to join the Perliu of .{Rue}. group but for me it’s worth it just to have the peace of mind that I won’t accidentally miss a Moody Monday horn release like¬† nearly once did (the horror)! Rue has opened a new mainstore at Twomoons Island with a bunch of eyes, tattoos, horns and a gift pair of eyes too. There was a big party and it’s very nice :>.

Credits –

Hair: .ploom. Hoodoo

Eyes: .{Rue}. Eye’d/Nereid: Ritual (group exclusive color look in notices)

Horns: .{Rue}. Horn’d/FoolDeux: Elemental

Outfit: Violent Seduction – La Morte Elf – Coagulate (thank you! <3)

Poses: LAP

Location: Roawnwood – this shop is part of the twisted hunt this month and besides their twisted hunt prize they also have this special mini hunt which is thankfully a bit easier than the twisted hunt itself. The gifts are great, much of the decor of the hunt area is what you get to take home.