Monthly Archives: September 2012

Beautiful Freak


A new shop has opened on Dark Eternity. Beautiful Freak is a cosmetics shop with lipsticks, makeovers, eyeliners and eyeart. For the makeovers and lips, each multicolor pack contains 2 versions of each color at 100 and 50 percent transparency. The single color packs include 5 transparency options. Eye art comes with left, right or both eyes options. And everything is mod, so tinting for the perfect shade is possible.

Here I’m wearing the glossy blue lips and blue Girl Poison eyeliner over a violet makeover and below just the violet makeover.

There’s a gacha too, my favorite part is the box of Zombie Cheerios and bowl that comes with each prize. I think I’ll have to use the bowl as a hat sometime! If you’re lucky with the gacha you can even win the outfit on the box.


Lips: BF – lipstick-gloss-blue-50
Liner: BF Girl Poison – blue
Makeover: BF – makeover-violet-100
Top: (r)M~Collared Corset~No.06 (Size XXS)
Hair: Calico Ingmann – Estris II – Dusk
Eyelashes: -16- Elemental *REDGRAVE*
Skirt: Nomine Mesh Ruched Pencil Skirt Standard – black
Nails: Ultimate Deluxe Fingern by jamman
Skin: -Glam Affair- Roza – The Arcade Gacha Events 03
Eyes: candy mountain . kreepy tempo eyes . (currently marketplace only)
Poses: LAP (closed)