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Bloody Goth!


I had some fun stacking makeup for this one. Dark lips, then a purple doll gloss and eyeshadow and then some lashed liner. The lace bodysuit is on tattoo layer too :p , part of the october subomatic gift from Nomine. The dark lips are from Kosh, the first place I ever bought lip tattoos actually, because I really wanted transparent colored gloss with faded edges and that was the first place I found it. I like a lot of the Kosh lip packs, the shine is done well. The purple lip/eyeshadow is from the La Malvada Mujer stall at the Miasnow Halloween Bazaar. Only 30L and includes 3 versions for eyes lips or both. That shop has some of my favorite worn looking eyes and fantasy makeups too. I can’t really think of another place that does sunken shadows like that. The liner is from Boom, I bought the pack after loving the platinum hunt gift liner. I don’t usually buy liners because I only need one good basic liner and they seem to be a pretty common gift from skin shops and other places so I have quite a few. What I really like about the Boom liners is that they are very sharp and thin with a nice clean line. Perfect for making prim lashes look a bit better but not so big they hide whatever eyeshadow is below.

The eyes are another one of the new releases by Aphotic Gloom, as always there are two sizes and prim eyes included. The bloody gothic cross mouthie is new from Jamman and it goes with the bloody nails set he has also just put out. Both are dripping with blood colored gems. The mouthie has an option for with or without the skull and there are also three different cross versions for sale. The nails come in three sizes and have a relaxed hands script. The corest, skirt and collar are all from Violent Seduction’s mesh dress La Morte Elf in the blood color with red bleeding (ah hee hee) into dark pinks.


Hair: Magika – Lust (discontinued)
Skin: -tb- {Light} C88 Garbo Skin (@collabor88)
Eyes: Aphotic Gloom – Aquilius Eyes (Blackberry) ty!
Tattoo Lips: KOSH– WET LIPS -chocolate- (dollarbie tester)
Tattoo eye + lip:La Malvada Mujer – Sibilla #3 [full] (@Miasnow Halloween Bazaar)
Tattoo liner + lash:*BOOM* Love my eyes Liner and Mascara
Lace Bodysuit: Nomine Arcana Dress – lace suit (oct. SOM gift)
Skirt/corset/collar: Violent Seduction – La Morte Elf (Blood) ty!
Mouth Cross: Bloody Cross goth skull by Jamman Jewels ty!
Nails: Bloody Fingernails by Jamman Jewels ty!
Poses: LAP


Mulberry, perhaps?


Just happened to have a ton of new purple stuff. I was this close to wearing the current group gift skin from Heartsick that is just this color. But sometimes enough is enough and I restrained myself from going fully purple. The hair is a subomatic gift from Exile and is still available.

New eyes from Aphotic Gloom, yay! They are the third special edition from the Aquilius collection and on marketplace or in world on Oct.16th. They include regular or prim eyes in two sizes.

I had a bit of trouble with photobucket last post but now I’ve got a real account so that shouldn’t happen again. For a year anyways. 🙂 Also I’ve read the 52 weeks of color challenge is Mulberry this week! So…I did that!

Credits –
Hair: ::Exile:: Mesh GG Brown/purple (subomatic)
Lips: -Sorry.Asia- NAHM (plume)
Blush: Grix. – Body Shoppe – Glam Blush – Coral (no longer for sale)
Eyes: Aphotic Gloom – Aquilius Eyes (Anya) ty!
Lashes: Dutch Touch :: EyeLashes
Jewelry Set: .( bewildebeest ). Cassandra (necklace, ring, earrings)
Dress: JANE – tank dress.hello again.mahagony [fair]
Nails: *Sexy Mamas* Prim Nails
Socks: Zaara Nishar socks *plum red*
Shoes: N-core COQUETTE TFG Glitter Edition “Deep Purple (50L @TFG)
Pose: PDA

Dolly Vamp – FTLO Halloween Event


I was lucky my friend Boone was hanging around so I could get these cute vampire shots. The look on his face seems to say “Eee get away!” but like he’s too polite to really say it outloud. I found the place where I got the pose from during the Unknown hunt and it’s a little store but has lots of cute poses for a low price, about 12L a pose or 50L group poses. Besides that, another thing I like about it is that the couple poses have an option for built in animations. And it isn’t a quick animation that fades, it stays put so I don’t have to change settings or use freezeframe. Just a nice little extra. There are also regular poseballs included without an expression.

The FTLO Halloween event started and they have a shop area where items are sold for 100L each. Below that is a simwide hunt with around 40 gifts hidden in little cookie bats. Each vendor made a male and female item and put one for sale and one as a freebie in the hunt. Finally guys get a break, as mostly its the female items for sale and the guy items as hunt rewards though there are some unisex and female items in the hunt too. If you don’t know how to get to the hunt area, take my surl at the bottom to the shop area. In the center is a giant version of the hunt item, with the first gift and a landmark to the hunt area inside.

Even if you have to pay ladies, 100L is still a deal! 🙂 I got this balljoined vampire doll avatar by TSG. It includes a regular and cleavage skin, a shape, a rosy body tattoo and two ear styles elf or human. The eyes blink and I think it’s a nice creepy effect. But not as creepy as those Blythe dolls… they terrify me. Lucky BOYS you can find the male version of this avatar in the hunt! The bats are tiny but the hunt wasn’t too hard, the scenery is all white snow so mostly they stand out against the background.

The background is also a gift from mbm at the FTLO hunt. Fullperm cloth textures for builders but it made a fine wallpaper for my shot too! Cute little skullys in different colors and styles. My jewelry is all from Bewildebeest, I imagine the pendant on the necklace could be a tiny doll key. Maybe for a windup vampire bat? Though the pieces are all from different sets the ruby jewel texture is consistent so they go together very well.

The dress and hair were last years’ halloween gifts from LeLutka. Will they have another awesome gift out this halloween? I hope so!

Credits –
Hair: [LeLutka]-CLAUDIA hair – BlueNight (old gift)
Dress: [LeLutka]-CLAUDIA gown (old gift)
Avatar: The Sugar Garden BJD Spoiled Vampire Princess 100L @FTLO shop
Bindi: .( bewildebeest ). Bindi 1 – Silver – ruby
Necklace: .( bewildebeest ). The Key to It All (silver) ruby
Ring: .( bewildebeest ). Tarnished Silver Ring (ruby)
Wallpaper: mbm – skull fabrics (free) @FTLO hunt
Couple Pose:(50L) shop o.O
Single Pose: Adorkable

Boone is wearing:
Hair – PE Harrison
Skin – Belleza
Shape – Body Doubles
Glasses – Gas Light Emporium
Outfit – SF Design
Shoes – by Doc Wrangler

Pumpkin Candy – new collab88 and dressing room


Lots of neat new things at Collab88, here I’ve got one of the two styles lamb is offering for 88L a color pack. I was glad to see that the old collab88 hair from lamb is now on sale at the mainstore too. There is also a hunt going on with 6 skirts and tops to find hidden in little candies. I’ve got the skirt on and it’s pretty neat, I haven’t seen a sculpted skirt quite like it before. There are two prims that attach to the legs so the skirt seems to move, and the texturing is done so that it looks smooth and blends in with the pants.

The Dressing Room has a new collection out too and I got this dark skin with heavy orange eyeshadow for 70L. The eye and lip makeover was an old group gift from Mock, it suits the skin perfectly I think. Especially the eyes… it adds depth. The jewely set is the new release from Jamman that I blogged last time, but now in gold. 399L for the set with earrings, bangles and necklace.

Credits –

Hair: !lamb. Glass Candy – Left-Brained (c88)
Hairbase: LOQ Hair” Shaved Hairbase
Skin: -Glam Affair- Gio Dark – Arancio D (the dressing room)
Eyes: Ibanez – Bastet Eye Base – Inferno
Makeup: [Mock ] Flaming Lips Makeover {eye/lip}
Top: *elymode* Joell top – pumpkin/brown
Skirt: The Sea Hole – Odette Culottes – Persimmon (c88)
Jewelry: Jamman Jewels – Barbewire Gold Red Set
Shoes: G Field – Ribbon Slingback Shoes
Poses: Oracul – Posing Lady

In the Arena!


Looking at my blog you can barely tell my avy is supposed to be an orc. I just love changing my skin and shape so much, but it’s true! The new barbed wire jewelry set inspired me to get back to my roots. Not just anyone can handle a barbed wire necklace but my thick skinned warrior can take it. I took her down to an arena on a pretty neat roman styled sim. Okay so she’s not in a real arena fight here, she’s just swinging her axe around and practicing her victory speech. I did think about learning to photoshop in blood, but practice is a much better excuse for the lack of gore. 🙂

The barbed wire set comes with two bangles, earrings and a necklace. There are gold, silver and dark silver versions with different colored enamel for each. The necklace comes with two razor blade pendants. They are sold as a set for 399L per a color inword and on marketplace or seperately in world only. The inworld shop is neat cause it has a rezzer that shows the jewelry, larger than life. You’ll always get to see exactly what you’re getting.

I won this lipstick in a little contest yay :> This color matches my skin so perfectly you’d think it was part of it, but the actual lips on this skin are much more ruddy. It is part of a recent release by Mock, L’eau Glosses, and this is the wildest set of lips she has come up with yet. Nearly 40 colors with plenty of blues, greens and purples. The fatpack is 999L and they are 55L each. Also a skin sale started today at mock. There are five skins and each skin pack comes with two tones (pale or tan), cleavage option, hairbase option and tattoo hairbases for 59L a pack.

Bare Rose is awesome as always. This set of armor came with two axes and four skirt colors. I love that even the boots have little axe blades on them. It also comes with a helm/facemak which I thought was a bit silly. 🙂 It’s currently on the new release towers for 170L in male or female versions. The face piercing is from ellabella, just 125L and includes a great retexturing HUD with lots of option. I modded it to take away a few of the studs for a simpler look. As I was rezzing in the shop to check the price I saw the hunt gift poster for zombie popcorn, good news it looks great and it’s free…bad news we have to wait till the 15th. There’s another hunt gift at the shop though and its very easy to find, look for a giant magnifying glass!

Credits –

Hair: Emotions – REBEL (modded a bit)

Hairbase: LOQ – Shaved Hairbase (this was included with a hairstyle)

Skin: Red Mint –  PRIME (FRK) ~ goblinSKIN

Eyes: Ibanez –  Ltd Edition Natural Eyes – Blue

Lipgloss: Mock – L’eau Rainforest

Jewelry: Jamman Jewels – Barbewire Dark Silver and Blue Set ty!

Piercings: .:ellabella:. – Vibes

Outfit: Bare Rose – Battle Axe Lady

Poses: Diesel Works

Looking Darling in Dahlinks


I’ve been running around to the new events and all the new hunts starting in October. The 4.44.444 event for Free*Style’s four year Anniversary lasts for two weeks and has everything. Skins, eyes, shapes, clothing, shoes, houses, decor and more. 😀 The eye and lip makeup I have on is a makeover from mock, who has three items out for 44L each. Two makeovers and a fatpack of 13 lip glosses.

My three favorite colors of criore’s ingenious eyes are below: electrocute, dusty and gypsy. They come in regular or large sizes and have shading, very subtle veins and a dark ring around the iris. There are 10 colors, 44L each or 444L for the fatpack.

Dahlinks has a new jewelry set out at the main store, Great Aunt Edith’s Pearls and it is lovely. It comes with earrings and necklace and a ton of texture options. Gold or silver metal, three types of pearls, four ribbon colors and nine gem options. The center large gem can be changed seperately from the smaller ring of gems around it giving lots of color combos. Very elegant with close attention to detailing and texturing on every bit of this set. I love it so I took a bunch of pictures!

Pearls come in antique, white or black.

Ribbons come in white, red, black or gold.

  • Nine gem colors, which can be mixed inner and outer.

Another new release… fan earrings in gold or silver, just 75L each. October is earrings month at Dahlinks and every few days new earrings will be released!

The new collection for collabor88 should be coming soon so there is only a few more days to get this updo from lamb. Pixeldolls gave this dress out as a past gift, the skirt and bust flower are mesh. The flower isn’t rigged so adjusting is easy. The texture from the system layer clothing to the mesh skirt looks seamless. Other colors can be found in the mesh section of the shop.

Credits –

Hair: !lamb. Girlfriend In A Coma@collabor88 (88L)

Skin: ::DutchTouch:: ::LuuS:: BLOSSOM (still on sale)

Eyes: [croire] ingenious eyes (electrocute)@44event (44L each) ty!

Lashes: *FTL* Eyelashes – C01 Natural

Makeup: [mock] Ginger Chocolate Makeover eye/lip @ 44event (44L)

Jewelry Set: (Dahlinks) Great Aunt Edith’s Pearls (500L) ty!

Dress: (PixelDolls) Tropico . parchment (previous gift color, other colors 350 each)

Nails:*Sexy Mamas* Prim Nail

Poses: Oracul Posing Lady AO (200L)

Location: The Woodglade skybox by Garden of Dreams