Siren’s Garden


This is a lovely sim Plateau of Man. There are a ton of great places to take pictures here. A  library, cafe, garden and much more with a handy teleport system to help you get around. The sim is a bit fantasy themed but in a subtle sort of way. It’s easy to get lost and there are many interestng paths to take.

Okay I was able to restrict myself to only wearing six of the items I picked up at the Bewildebeest sale. I’ve got the Hypatia set which includes ring, bracelet earrings and necklace and comes with several gem choices. I’m not sure if I got a very good pic of it (it’s hidden by my collar) but I love the woven texture on the upper half of the necklace. The bindi comes in silver or gold and lots of gems of course. The hairsticks are wound with delicate gold chains and are capped in gold with jem pendants at the ends.

The lip and eyemakeup from Croire are sold at the current Fashion Garett for 50L each. Both are transparent but the eyes are much more bold, the lips are faded and allow the colors underneath to show. My horns are in a discontinued shade but this style is still for sale in other colors.

My outfit is another color of La Morte Elf from Violent Seduction which I’ve blogged previously in purple. This color is siren with shades of teal and blue, and I wore it without the jacket. With the shape of the skirt and the name of the color I imagined a mermaid on a rare visit up from the sea to a nearby garden on land.

I had what I thought was a weird bug taking photos today. The resolution wouldn’t go higher than default. Then I noticed I had ‘show HUD’ checked. D’oh apparently that locks the resolution for some reason. Oh well. 🙂

Credits –
Hair: >TRUTH< Orchid Plain – chocolate
Hair ornament: .( Bewildebeest ). Heleyne Hair Ornament – Jade
Skin: –Sorry Asia – Rurutia
Eyes:  Ibanez ColorGlow Eyes – Fangorn
Tattoo:Croire – @TFG psychadelic palette – (poseidon) ty!
Lashes: FTL – CO1 Natural
Jewelry: .( Bewildebeest ). Hypatia Green set + .( Bewildebeest ). Bindi 1 – Gold – Tsavorit
Horns:.{Rue}. ~ The Chirurgeon – Dagon (old texture)
Outfit: Violent Seduction – La Morte Elf – Siren ty!
Poses: Adorkable , LAP


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