10L Sale at Port Seraphine! 48 hours only


Woah…so I got the notice about a 10L sale (20L sets) at Bewildebeest. I bought everything! Then I went to spread the word and I found out it isn’t just Bewildebeest that’s having a sale. Pixeldolls, Romance, Gallactic, and Bilo are all taking part. But I took pictures of Bewildebeest so that’s what you’ll get hehe. I don’t usually do this sort of post but the sale is so short and I don’t want anyone to miss these amazing jewelries if I can help it. Oh and I had some kind of eyes closed bug but no time to fix it MUST POST NOW! 9am Tuesday to 9am Thursday.

I thought about trying to take more photos of examples but really by the time I would be done with it the sale would be over too. So I grabbed some snaps of some of the vendor photos. There are two floors and the upper floor has a few freebies as does the subomatic and there are a few gachas outside. These are unique, very detailed and carefully textured and often come with many gem choices. Most of these items are around 200-400L at their usual price and totally worth it.

I haven’t posted pictures of all the vendors..there are more. If you haven’t been you should give it a look! edit: OK I’ve had a look at the rest of the sim too now…lots of clothes, boots and even skins!

Credits –

Hair: Exile

Skin: DLS Aestali @ Fall Fete event 25L

Jewelry: Bewildebeest – Cassandra Moss Agate

Pose: LAP


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