New mesh dress from Jane and stuff!


SO much lovely mesh is coming out. Today I got this new release from Jane, a cinch waist dress.  Apparently it gave her some trouble during creation but it was worth it! This dress is loose in ways that would have been pretty much impossible to get right before mesh. There are four sizes and six colors to choose from. Because the skirt is pretty short I found that some poses which would normally break a longer mesh skirt worked fine for this one which is a nice bonus. A little too short for the chilly autumn weather I thought so underneath I’ve got a pair of leggings from Zaara. These come with many so length options. Open or closed toe, knee, thigh or regular socks, high or normal waisted leggings.

My makeup is from Croire at the fashion garret. There are four colors to choose from in the psychadelic palette set and the eyeshadow and lip gloss are separate. They are both transparent so anything you are wearing below it will change the effect the makeup has on you. I especially like the lips, lip fades and dual colored lips are fun. Add these on top of another color lipstick to give an extra golden shimmer.

The elemental earth designs necklace and earrings set are another of the elemental themed  items made for Jewelry Fair. Now that it’s over they can be found at the main shop. There are earth, water and air themed versions of this set. The texture of the pendant reminds me of those pictures drawn in coffee. That’s a weird way to describe it I know but I love the effect. The shoes from HOC come with a hud that gives several options for color of the shoe and buckles. I wanted to show off a close up of the textures on them too.

I set out the Autumn Bench from Zuri’s Garden and the lanterns and haybales from Dreamscapes which were both on todays’ Moody Monday lineup for just 55L each. The bench is 18prims and transfer. It comes with  bushels of wheat to either side, a small pile of pumpkins to the left and an adorable little birdhouse with a bird on the right. There are several animations including male, female and reading poses and the built in adjustment system makes sure poses will fit your shape, short or tall.

The set from Dreamscapes has several parts: hay bales, a lantern string, pumpkin candles and a pile of pillows with built in sits. All copy so if you have the prims you can line your yard in pretty lights!

Credits –

Hair: Elikatira – Novel – Red 05

Skin: Dutch Touch – Mensje Spec.Ed. Blossom (still on sale)

Eyes: Negaposi – Dreaming Eyes – Brown

Makeup: Croire – @TFG psychadelic palette (tropical) eye+lip ty!

Lashes: FTL – CO1 Natural

Necklace + Earrings: EED – Fireflower Set ty!

Bracelet: EED – Fire Bangles ty!

Dress: JANE – cinch waist dress.austin.browns

Nails: Sexy Mamas Prim Nails

Tights: Zaara Nishar Leggings – nude

Shoes: HOC – Country Wedges

Bench: Zoe’s Garden – Autumn Bench (moody monday) ty!

Lanterns – Dreamscapes – Autumn Feast  (moody monday)

Standing Poses: Adorkable – Kooky Dork (moody monday)


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