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Twiggy and Emilia


Handverk is at the Hope for Emilia event where they have their newest Hammered Metal jewelry sets for sale. The Copper Ring and Silver Earrings are being sold for chairity along with the [HANDverk] Summer Chair which was perfect for Ely’s sitting in a fancy chair blogger challenge. The whole set with chair, sofa and side table is also avaliable.  Hope for Emalia runs through August 9 and is raising money to help the survivors of the earthquake in Emilia Italy. My Ugly Dorothy has released a lovely new skin Twiggy. The fat pack of all makeups and bare face is just 1,850. There is also a 100L ‘skin of the sunday’ which changes weekly and a monthy group gift at the shop.

There are 3 tone options.

3 eyebrow options.

One bare face and 7 makeups (2 not shown). All lips come with a teeth option.

Credits –
Undies: Whippet&Buck Sasha Lingerie Knickers
Skin: *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Twiggy (new)
Hair: >TRUTH< Georgina – pearl
Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Rainshower Shadow, w2)
Shoes: Schadenfreude Ivory Cygnette @collabor88
Dress: Schadenfreude Ivory Eala Dress (xs) @collabor88
Earrings: [HANDverk]Hammered Metal Earring.silver @ Hope for Emilia
Ring: [HANDverk]Hammered Metal Ring.silver @ Hope for Emilia
Poses: LAP

Chair:  [HANDverk] Summer Chair @ Hope for Emilia


The Gallery Gift Shop – World’s End Garden


Another The Gallery Gift Shop post with the hunt gift dress from World’s End Garden and eyes from [UMEBOSHI]. I’m using the largest standard size shape here. I thought I might make a shape for it, since the large is so rarely used. The draping and pattern used at the bottom of this dress allows for a bit more distortion than some other mesh dresses. You can cross your ankles and the dress won’t warp out.

Lips: [mock]Clear Gloss [one size fits most]
Liner: *BOOM* Mai Line v4 (thick cat)
Hair: (epoque hair) Guardian II – Genetic
Dress: :::WEG::: Comme des Fleurs ~blanc~ L @ The Gallery Gift Shop (hunt gift)
Lash1: MG – Eyelashes – Party – Inverted Crown
Lash2: MG – Eyelashes – Wild Full Thick
Shoes: Slink Ilena Sandals Large Brown
Foot: Slink Mesh Feet L (large foot) (Rigged)
Skin: .{Rue}. Skin’d/Anima Damu: Lime
Eyes: [UMEBOSHI] Ren 07 eyes -Labrador- @ The Gallery Gift Shop

Poses: GLITTERATI – In the picture

TGGS – Feelin’ Artsy


Glitterati’s ‘In the Picture’ pose prop is perfect for blogging with The Gallery Gift Shop items, since it’s all about the art! I’ve decorated it with dolly items from NuDoLu, and their hunt gift is this cute little stand that gives out glasses of water. The Kumaki gift is a pair of summery sunglasses, [ #7 ] has these wild lashes and DownDownDown gives a splatter painted necklace with paintbrushes attached. Also at TGGS but not part of the hunt are DownDownDown’s paint brush mouthie with dripping birds of paint birds flying off the end and eyes from [UMEBOSHI].

Credits –

Pants: ~GryphonWing~ Steampunk PantsPouffeP (Black)
Lips:[mock]Clear Gloss [one size fits most]
Liner: *BOOM* Mai Line v4 (thick cat)
Hair: (epoque hair) Guardian II – Genetic
Top: Bilo- Firdous Kurta L-  Red
Necklace: DownDownDown_Brush necklace (TGGS prise) @ The Gallery Gift Shop
Mouthie:DownDownDown_Brush(Bird)(t) @ The Gallery Gift Shop
Glases: Kumaki – Summer Round Specs/TGGS @ The Gallery Gift Shop
Shoes: Slink Ilena Sandals Large Brown
Feet: Slink Mesh Feet L (large foot) (Rigged)
Lashes: [ #7 ] TGGS Anniversary Lashes (hunt gift)@ The Gallery Gift Shop
Skin: .{Rue}. Skin’d/Anima Lugh
Eyes: [UMEBOSHI] Ren 07 eyes -Labrador- @ The Gallery Gift Shop

Poses: GLITTERATI – In the picture

Doll Decorations: NuDoLu @ The Gallery Gift Shop

Fluid – Love and…


Y’s A&P – Love&Basketball couples pose can be found at Fluid for just 30L. An attachable basketball is included with the poseballs. For these pics I’ve replaced the basketball with a simple pearl I made (just a sphere prim made glowy, shiny and tinted cream).  Instead of clothing I went with a drape from Glitterati to cover my shame and both avatars are wearing hair, skin and eyes from Rue. The credits list my female avy’s colors, but Rue has color charts posted so finding what you need is pretty easy.

Credits –

Pose: *~* Y’s A&P – Love&Basketball @ Fluid

Eyes: .{Rue}. Eyes/Jewel: Bleeding Heart .L.

Hair: .{Rue}. Manes/TheHungryDeep: Thrall

Skin: .{Rue}. Skin’d/Anima Varuna: Deep Sky Blue

Drape: GLITTERATI – Draped

Tennis Time!


At Fluid, Motionless has the TouchDown pose prop which includes a football field and bleachers with catch and tackle pose balls on the field and an excited crowd in the stands. The single poses are also given along of the prop to use on their own. Here I’m using the catch, tackle and one of the crowd poses along with a tennis set from a gacha at Ribbon. My hair is from Ohmai at hair fair, and the eyes from Rozena are a hunt gift avaliable till the end of July.


Poses: Motionless “TouchDown” @ Fluid (150L)

Outfit + Racket: *RibboN* Costume play ( Tennis) (gacha item)

Hair: !Ohmai : Chloe [Kissed a Vampire] @ Hair Fair

Shoes: HOC Industries – Bolts II

Skin: *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Twiggy base (Burly)

Eyes: ROZENA ~Real Black Eye~ m (TCH hunt gift)

Location: TT Enterprises

Violent Seduction – Ferale Hoodies


Violent Seduction has a new mesh relaese: the Ferale Hoodies. They are 100L a color (way more colors than I’m showing in this post), or 1k for the fatpack which includes special limited colors and patterns. These are baggy with pockets and have a big hood with ears and room for hair. The alpha has an option for hands or no hands and there is a free demo. I went to the Ugly Duck mainstore for these pictures. One of my favorite sims for atmosphere, but it’s a bit difficult to get around since the teleport system doesn’t work for me. Camming around and sitting works just fine though. 🙂

Credits –

Hoodie: Violent Seduction – Ferale Hoodie (Red and Black)

Socks: Pig – Duotone Socks Mit Suspenders

Shoes: [Gos] Triumph Boots

Skin: Nomine – Nephilim Skin Bone – aeolian black

Hair: -discord Designs – Dhilon – Gracile (Pearl) @ Hair Fair

Eyes: Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eye (Light Grey, w2)

Poses: LAP (closed)

Location: Ugly Duck mainstore

Hair Fair 2012 – Bliensen + MaiTai


Bliensen + MaiTai’s Habanera is an updo that comes with a beautiful hair pin. Many of the hairs from Bliensen + MaiTai at hair fair this year come with lovely hair pins and ornaments that match with jewelry sold at the shop. I took these photos on the Concrete Flowers shop sim where a 25L sale is going on. The sim lightly wooded, surrounded by lake and mountains, with plenty of little spots to sit on benches or a row boat, a pond that looks almost magical and great terraforming. I came for the sale, which is nice, of course I love a sale…but the sim is what really impressed me!

Bliensen + MaiTai Hair – Forbidden Fruit hair matches the necklace of the same name.

Bliensen + MaiTai Hair – Immaculada comes with hairpins that match the Bliensen + MaiTai – Ornamental – Earrings which can be bought seperately in the main store.

Bliensen + MaiTai Hair – Curl Up comes in two versions. Solid hair colors or with multi colored strands which is the version I’m showing here.

Bliensen + MaiTai – Darjeeling Hair – Hair Fair 2012 Gift comes with this crazy fun hair, and five colors of the Precious earrings. The earrings are shaped really nicely, have to seem em in world, but they are cut like real gems.

My pants are from The Gallery Gift Shop birthday event and they are part of 22769’s male outfit which includes a shirt. These are male pants, rigged to the male body so as usual with mesh be sure to try a demo and if you are female don’t expect em to fit your shape hehe. For ladies at TGGS 22769 has a dress out (previously blogged here).

Credits –

Hair: Bliensen + MaiTai @ Hair Fair

Eyeshadow: [mock]eShadow Fall Festivale Nude 1

Eyeiner: *BOOM* Mai Line v4 (thick cat)

Lipstick: M.O.C.K Cosmetics Nude Gaga(MAC InspiredLip Gel

Lipstick2: [mock] Nude Lip Jelle [lip only] [Mock lip]

Eyebrow: Mynerva Style 2~Black Dark

Pants: 22769 ~ [homme] champaign chinos XS

Top: DCNY Mesh_Reversible Vest_Truffle/Sand 1 (XS)

Eyes: Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eye (Molasses, w2)

Shoes: Slink Ilena Sandals Standard Brown

Feet: Slink Mesh Feet S (Rigged)

Skin: .{Rue}. Skin’d/Anima Damu: Bare (NBr/NFr/Sm)

Location: Pickle – Concrete Flowers sim (25L sale)

TGGS Birthday and Hair Fair 2012 Tekeli-li


I went to the beautiful new sim for The Gallery Gift Shop. It’s their one year anniversary and a special round with new items, previous tggs items, gifts and a hunt with freebies! Much of the gorgeous landscaping is for sale, from KIDD grass garden. The hunt goes on from July 16 to August 12th, on the left side of the entrance to the main building is a sign that gives out a hints notecard. Under a white tent several tggs vendors have set out all their items from past rounds of tggs.

My outfit is the white kintoto from *MiuMin* who offers a choice of copy or mod versions. It comes with the kimono in 3 skirt lengths, a hair ribbon, geta and an adorable fishbowl you can carry around like a purse. My hair is from Tekeli-li at the Hair Fair! All the styles come with texture and color change options. I set em all to orange to match my outfit. I really reccomend demoing these hairs to see their full detail and options on these. This style looked like it could be geisha inspired. Alila comes with a knife you can stick in the bun and a scripted knife for holding or RP. The orange and white poof in the front is the ribbon that comes with the outfit and isn’t included with the hair.

Pnom comes with a tattoo, thick rigged tentacles and fancy headband with eye glass that is awesome enough to wear alone.

Eibon also comes with three parts. A tattoo in light, medium or dark, a simple base hair that consists of 3 rigged tentacles and an elaborate hair ornament with a forehead gem and lots of colored spikes. This is my favorite of the new hairs!

Crystalic is a high pony with side strands chained to the hair piece and decorated with crystals.

Hsan is a rigged style completely shaved on one side. A seperate ornament fills out some of the space with swirly metal and gems

Credits –

Hair:  Tekeli-li @ Hair Fair

Outfit + Shoes: *MiuMin* Yukata Kintoto [White] @ TGGS Birthday

Hairbase: Amacci Hairbase Tattoo – Jet Black

Lips: [mock]Clear Gloss [one size fits most]

Lips2: [mock] Aos Si Giraffe Orange Lip 1

Brows: Bilo Nasreen Tintable White Eyebrow

Ears: *~*Illusions*~* Seelie Ears

Skin: .{Rue}. Skin’d/Anima Damu: Bare (NBr/NFr/Sm)

Eyes: [UMEBOSHI] Ren 07 eyes -Castor- @ TGGS Birthday

Poses: LAP

Hair Fair 2012 – Discord Designs


Discord’s Hair Fair releases are unique and fun. This fluffy buzzcut mohawk is Bouncer. Dhilon is a bundle of thick rigged dreads. Delrey is a set of braided back cornrows that ends at the nape of the neck. Devlyn is a similar style, but the braids continue down past the waist and are themselves twisted into a long rigged braid. Last I have a pic of the super long braided style Phoenix, a rigged mesh braid that drapes down the back then goes back up over the shoulder and down to the knees in the front.

Credits –

Hair: Discord Designs @ Hair Fair

Brows: Mynerva Eyebrow Style 2~Black Dark

Liner: *BOOM* Mai Line v4 (thick cat)

Lips: Izzie’s – Lipstick black

Eyes: Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eye (Olive Hazel, w2)

Dress: NYU – S.I.N Mini Dress, Black (Size 1) @ FaMESHed

Skin: .{Rue}. Skin’d/Anima Damu: Bare (NBr/NFr/Sm)

TGGS Birthday and Hair Fair 2012 – Red Mint


It’s the Gallery Gift Shop Anniversary Celebration with a hunt, new items and a bunch of old items brought back again. All at a lovely new location. My dress is sold by 22769 at TGGS and the pocket book is the hunt gift they give. My eyes from [UMEBOSHI] are also at TGGS and come in four colors with system and prim versions. Red Mint has several rigged mesh styles at hair fair including a gift fatpack of Style No.00 hair as a color demo. I didn’t notice the gift when I was first at Hair Fair so I’m only showing the styles for sale in my post here.

Style No.03 – Style No.04 – Style No.01 – Style No.02

Credits –

Hair: (red)Mint @ Hair Fair

Dress: 22769 ~ [femme] Anastasia champagne XS @ TGGS Birthday

Pocketbook: 22769 envelope bag @ TGGS Birthday

Skin: Nomine Nephilim Skin China – nude (new)

Eyes: [UMEBOSHI] Ren 07 eyes -Castor- @ TGGS Birthday

Poses: Glitterati – vendors