Violent Seduction New Release – La Morte Elf


Violent Seduction has released an amazing dress La Morte Elf which is a mesh redo of an older popular dress La Morte Imp. It’s elegant and sexy…I feel a bit like Elvira in it. The skirt moves so great with poses and AO that I had a hard time picking my favorite pictures. I try to edit but when I just can’t choose one I post em all! One detail I love about the skirt is that it comes in two parts. Most mesh clothing is invisible on the inside due to rigging and to reduce lag. But this skirt comes in two pieces. You can wear both the inside and out outside parts. So if you cam under the skirt (not that you would cam under ladies skirts!) or look down the sides it is actually visible.

The corset is also mesh and a seperate piece, so it can be worn alone and mixed with other outfits. The collar and sleeves are not mesh, that allows them to be resized and moved around for a perfect fit. The corset and skirt are rigged and can’t be moved around, so grabbing the demo available at the shop is a good idea. There are also three shirt styles that you can mix and match. Choose between pasties, a sash that covers one breast and a bolero jacket or wear all three for a perfectly modest dress. The textures are rich and detailed with patterns, baked shadows and that lovely smooth gradient. I’ve made a closeup of the skirt to show it off.

These little details are why I went head over heels as soon as I recieved it. The dress comes in five colors: Coagulate which I am wearing here, Siren with blue and teal gradients, Death (black), Acid(green) and Blood (red). I’m sure I’ll want to blog them all but previews of each color can be seen at the official VS blog page too. They are 600L each or 2000L for the fatpack. The fatpack is also on marketplace.

Lucky I had just gotten a group gift from Rue’s new in world group that fits my new dress perfectly, a pair of eyes recently sent out. The eyes come in five sizes with regular and prim eye options. There is a 100L fee to join the Perliu of .{Rue}. group but for me it’s worth it just to have the peace of mind that I won’t accidentally miss a Moody Monday horn release like  nearly once did (the horror)! Rue has opened a new mainstore at Twomoons Island with a bunch of eyes, tattoos, horns and a gift pair of eyes too. There was a big party and it’s very nice :>.

Credits –

Hair: .ploom. Hoodoo

Eyes: .{Rue}. Eye’d/Nereid: Ritual (group exclusive color look in notices)

Horns: .{Rue}. Horn’d/FoolDeux: Elemental

Outfit: Violent Seduction – La Morte Elf – Coagulate (thank you! <3)

Poses: LAP

Location: Roawnwood – this shop is part of the twisted hunt this month and besides their twisted hunt prize they also have this special mini hunt which is thankfully a bit easier than the twisted hunt itself. The gifts are great, much of the decor of the hunt area is what you get to take home.


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