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Fantasy Faire: Nomine Releases Extra Cernunna Gowns + The Retreat


Nomine has given us eight more of each color of the limited edition Cernuuna gowns (previously blogged here). Originally there were only 12, but they went so fast a few more having been set out for those that missed the first round. These will only be out for the duration of the Faire, which just got a 1 day extension. So now the faire will last through Monday, April 30. My pose is from Bent, which has a pack at a new discount event called The Retreat. I also suggest joining the Bent inworld group, it has a 250L join fee but many gifts! The skin I’m wearing is from the Miasnow skin sale. All fatpacks on male and female skins are 100L. According to the Miasnow blog, the sale should have been over by the time I found out about it, so no telling how much longer it will last.

Dress, hair, horns: Nomine Cernunna Gown 1200L @ Fantasy Faire

Shape:MIASNOW Shape – MUERTO MARIA (included in skin pack)

Skin: MIASNOW Skin – MUERTO MARIA black (100L fatpack skin sale)

Eyes: Nuuna’s Creepy black eyes (dollarbie included with skin)

Setting: Rustica – Maison de Maille 4,500L special Faire price @ Fantasy Faire

Pose: Bent @ The Retreat


Fantasy Faire: Studio Sidhe – Fish and Bird


As the saying goes, a fish can fall in love with a bird, but where would they build their nest?

Well this fish can grow legs. It’s possible there will be a few other compatability issues…paying half the rent when you take up 1/4th of the space is bound to cause some resentment, but you know what? Love conqures all.

I have two poses to show from Studio Sidhe, both are in the donation vendors at fantasy faire. The first is a couples pose, Not Quite Cupid, for a regular avatar and a petite. The larger one is walking along with a petite on her shoulders and turns to listen to something whispered. This is an adorable pose and I’m so glad that AineMari Flanagan offered to help me with the photo. She has a shop at fantasy faire too, MacMoragh and Muse on the Tides sim. It was just luck that she was dressed in the newest petites release from Fallen Gods with a feathered skin, but I like the story it tells when paired with my mermaid. Her wings are also from Fantasy Faire, one of Vaengi’s special RFL colors.

Under the waters of Siren’s Secret there is a wrecked ship. A chest half sunk in the sand holds amazing treasure, a pearl the size of your head.

My mermaid has found this forgotten cache, and is transfixed by the pearl. She swims around excited, doing flips and twirls but never taking her eyes off of it. The second pose I have from Studio Sidhe is “Mermaid Pearl Diving”. This pose is made for mers and reminds me of some sort of underwater ballet, bending over backwards, gracefully reaching out to a large pearl.

My mermaid parts, the blue scales and fins are from Nixiesystems. My favorite part of this set are the chest scales, I wanted a top that I could wear with my necklace and I wanted it to match my green skin and parrot wings and this was perfect. NiXiE mer sets come with two top styles, legs options, eyes and even an AO. All that for just 150L a set.

The ambrosia necklace from Zibska has 4 areas that can be recolored with 9 textures to choose from. My wings are another of the colors included in the pack from europa. I don’t think wings would really work all that well underwater but who knows!

In the background, the Bull Kelp set from Cerridwen’s Cauldron is shown. I blogged about it in my previous post here. The whole sim is just gorgeous and there are only a few more days to visit.

Pose 2: :+:SS:+: Not Quite Cupid – Human with Petite Pose (200L) @Fantasy Faire

Pose 2: :+:SS:+: Mermaid Pearl Diving (150L) @Fantasy Faire

Treasure Chest: Tekeli-li – A Starry Treasure Chest (Mesh) @Fantasy Faire (freebie)

Mer scales, tail and fins: Nixiesystems – Aqua NiXiE

Eyeshadow: M.O.C.K. Makeup Algae Sky (Eyeshadow only)

Eyeshadow2: [mock]Time Crash eShadow  [eye only]

Lips: [mock] L’eau Rainforest  Lip 2 Gloss [lip only]

Necklace: Zibska – Ambrosia Collar

Wings: [europa] Nyxus wings JUNGLE MADNESS alpha

hair: [elikatira] Abbey – tinted

Skin: .{Rue}. Skin’d/Anima Damu: Bare (NBr/NFr/Sm)

Eyes: Ibanez – AquaGlow Eyes – Blue Crab

The cute fairy on my shoulder is wearing:

Fallen gods Feathers Skin, Hair: Magika – Alyssa (B&W: Silver), Wings:(Vaengi) Angel Gabriel Wings, Tips, RFL Purple, and Breast cancer awerness Bikini from Yabu’s by angelina farslider.

Fantasy Faire: Tekeli-li, Cerridwen’s Cauldron


Visiting the Fantasy Faire’s nine sims, they are each so creative and beautiful, I can’t help but think what a shame it is that the sims will only be around for the duration of the faire. Lucky for us, several of the sim builders also have shops, including Elicio Ember (neat interview on the official blog here) who has Cerridwen’s Cauldron. I blogged about one of Cerridwen’s donation items (Beat-Jelly) in my previous post, and now I’m showing the other item you’ll find. If you want to see the Bull Kelp Set rezzed in world, it’s growing on the ocean floor all over the Siren’s Secret sim. If you want to take a bit of the sim home with you, the set is in the RFL vendor at Cerridwen’s Cauldron on Nu Orne. The Bull kelp set comes in long or short, wavy or straight stalk types with mirrored versions included. They have a deletable script which gives a menu for texture change kelp type, shimmer (this is a glowing animated bit in each ball) and plankton type. Yes, there is the option to have cute little particle shrimp, jellyfish, sea monkeys and more swim around each kelp.

My avatar is from Tekeli-li, a special color of Sailfish Mer only found at the Faire. There are male and female versions and they include everything. Skin, armor, shape (you can use your own if you like), eyes, fins, spear and even an adorable sailfish friend to swim along beside you. There is also a simple AO with unique animations. The mer avatars from Tekeli-li are based off real fish, and the swimming animation is too. The tail moves side to side, sort of like a shark’s instead of up and down like most mermaid AOs I’ve seen. The jewelry I’m wearing is Pectinidae, the second donation item from Tekeli-li. It’s unisex and comes with necklace, bracelets and earrings. If you are used to Tekeli-li’s texture options in their hairs, this set is no exception. There are dozens of texture choices, the leather, metal, shells and gems can all be customized. This set is mesh but unrigged and mod, so adjustments can be easily made if needed.

Tekeli-li also has two gifts at the faire, a wooden magic chest for decor and a pair of ankh earrings. The hairstyle I’m wearing is a dollarbie that can be found at the mainstore. Speaking of gifts, Cerridwen’s also has a gift, a mask for males and females. There are so many great gifts at the faire, if you have the time it’s really worth the wander. See the lovely sims, stare at all the awesome avatars people are wearing, grab the gifts and of course if you have the lindens, shop for a great cause.

For most faires in SL people try to deprim, get ugly and just attempt to shop without lagging. At Fantasy Faire everyone dresses to the nines in their fanciest get ups and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Even on the first days I wasn’t having any lag problems. I think spreading the faire over nine sims really helps this. So it can also be a fun place just to hangout and meet other fantasy lovers. Sort of like going to a convention in real life, I’ve met some nice people and we get to chatting about favorite fantasy books or sci-fi tv shows.

I adore both these shops and I thought it was pretty cool that their faire items fit together. I had so much fun swimming around Siren’s Secret and taking photos, I may have to convert a corner of my home to the ocean. 🙂 So I took a ton of pictures and ran out of things to say. Anyways, surls at the bottom!

Since the sims have landing points, you may need to open the map with the landmark, to see the red arrow pointing to the shop.

Hair: Tekeli-li – Abberation – Scripted Tentacle Hair (1L) @ mainstore

Jewlery: Tekeli-li – Pectinidae (100L)  @ Fantasy Faire

Avatar: Tekeli-li – Sailfish – Violet (750L) @ Fantasy Faire

Poses: Tekeli-li’s Mer-AO + Boom Pose fair gift

Plants:Cerridwen’s Cauldron – Bull Kelp Set (400L) @ Fantasy Faire

Fantasy Faire – The Plastik, Vaengi, Lemon Tea, Cerridwen’s Cauldron


The Plastik has released a ton of petite skins for fantasy faire, they include elven and human ears in the same pack along with a pack of eyes. These use a custom face shape and it looks a bit more mature and serious than the default petite head, I like it. I’m wearing an outfit from Bare Rose, who has filled up their section at yabusaka’s Petite Kingdom and now Bare Rose has a petite section on their own White Wolf sim. My horns and tail are both from Lemon Tea, special ghostly versions made for Fantasy Faire that I shrunk down to fit. The Ragged Fairy Wings are one of those found in Vaengi’s RLF vendors. I wrote about the customization HUD and daily freebie in my last post, but here you can see how glossy and shiny her iridecent wings are.

Cerridwen’s Cauldron is my favorite shops in SL. I’m in love with the creative lush fantasy, the scripting that makes the pants come alive,  the low prices, I could go on and on and on. There are two new releases for Fantasy Faire and one of them is the Beat-Jelly set. These are mushroom-like jellys that pulse and glow, in the center of each is a spinning blob. Reminds me of a jellyfish or giant amoeba (which exists apparently!!!). They come in a variety of stalk types (or stalkless) and colors and are copy and mod. They can become petite sized and microscopic or made giant, 80 feet tall. I would really need a video to show off how great these are but you can trust me. *Nicole puts on her best used car salesman’s smile*

Fantasy Faire sims have forced landing points. To find each shop you may have to open  the surl again, it will still give a red pointer to the shop.

Wings: (Vaengi) Ragged Fairy Wings, Irid Jewel, RFL Purple ~ Vaengi @ Fantasy Faire

Avatar: :[Plastik]:-Petite://Dominance-DK @ Fantasy Faire

Eyes: :[Plastik]:-Petite://Eye-L-Frozen Soul- Blue (included in the petite pack) @ Fantasy Faire

Horns: {Lemon Tea} Bestia Cornu – Ethereal @ Fantasy Faire

Tail: {Lemon Tea} Upright Demon Tail (Ethereal) @ Fantasy Faire

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Amandine Petite Mesh Hair – Crystal azure

Outfit: ::: B@R ::: Petite Kama

Poses: LAP – Random 2 @ pose fair

Background: Cerridwen’s Cauldron – Beat-Jelly @ Fantasy Faire

BONUS PIC – This is me and my friend Dwyn trying out the Glitterati pose set I used on this blog a few days ago. Dwyn is wearing the same Bare Rose outfit I have in this post today, she made me want to get it!

BONUS BONUS Pics! I visit the Vaengi shop at Fantasy Faire in my Parasaurolophus Walkeri avatar from Prehistorica by Wanders Nowhere (who has lots of awesome dino avatars, all to proper scale)

Fantasy Faire – Ni.ju, Sa-eela, Ibanez, Vaengi, Gauze, Wasabi Pills


Here I am on the amazing Shifting Sands sim showing off my slightly egyptian themed outfit. The Skadhi set from Sa-eela has two top types (PG and regular) and lots of jewelry including anklets, armbands, earrings, belly and forehead jewels.  My eyes are part of a special color pack from Ibanez and these horns are one of three colors you can find in ni.ju’s donation vendors. The beads and metal armor are texture change and there is also a simpler verson of the horns without beads, but including texture change horns themselves. I’m wearing hair that is part of the freebie low lag avatar pack and my legs are from Gauze, they are sold at the faire but can also be found in the main store. I’ve been looking for some new legs to match my europa wings and I’m really happy with these. The fur blending layer comes in two styles as socks or a full above the waist pants layer. There are also two styles of legs, regular faun packs or demon packs with spiky claws in certain places.

My wings are from Vaengi who has perfected iridescence, though the wings I’m wearing here are from the metals pack which is also neat. The wings are scripted and come with a HUD to control size, flapping speed, stiffness and more. The HUD allows you to choose seperately for flying and idle states. Also, every day the gift basket at the shop has a new set of gorgeous freebie wings.

Fantasy Faire sims have forced landing points. To find each shop you may have to open  the surl again, it will still give a red pointer.

Outfit: ~Sa-eela~ Skadhi @ Fantasy Faire

Eyes: Ibanez Eyes – Signature – Honey @ Fantasy Faire

Horns: [ni.Ju] Portmanteau . black  @ Fantasy Faire

Wings: (V) Angel Gabriel Wings, Metal, 01 ~ Vaengi @ Fantasy Faire

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Teeloh FEM Mesh Hair – FF2012 @ Fantasy Faire (freebie low lag avatar)

Legs: [Gauze] Faun  @ Fantasy Faire (not faire exclusive)

Eyeshadow: [mock]Stardust Shadow-Golden Peach [eye]

Skin: -Glam Affair – Amelie skin – Black Soul BL

Poses: oOo studio fluid four, indirect one @ Pose Fair

Fantasy Faire – Lupoaica, Nomine, HKK


Yay Fantasy Fair is open! This post is too big, I probably should have broken this into like 3 blogs but it’s too late now. Anyways, fantasy faire doesn’t last long we don’t have forever here! *head falls to desk in sleep*

Wait I mean…I have some stuff to show you first!

Lupoaica offers the Adorna hair for ladies and the Puck hair for guys. The hairs come with a HUD which is used to change hair colors. I mean…this one girl I know…a friend, see…she’s on the wrong side of 200k. So this sort of space saver is really great…for unfortunate people like that I guess. I wouldn’t know. It also controls streak and accessory colors if the style allows and you only need one HUD for all hairs.

Adorna is a loose piled updo flowing free down the back with a braid wrapped around the head. The hairstyle comes with detachable roses and the braid can be colored seperately from the rest of the hair using the streak HUD.

Puck is a shaggy style decorated with a few braids. The bands on the braids are texture change. The hairs come in colors from natural to bright and wild. I’m just showing a sample here. There are five color packs with five colors each, costing 200L. The fatpack is 800L.

My eyes are from Psst…Here Kitty, Kitty. The Hypnotize Eyes can be bought singly for 50L each or as a fatpack for 350L. The eyes are large and seem to glow supernaturally. An extra ring of color circles the iris, some subtle and others in contrast. Because I needed something to fill the 9th slot in my pic there you can see a closeup of the Jewelry set Tekeli-li has at the faire. The Pectindae Set comes with over 100 texture options, necklace, bracelets and earrings. I’ll blog it in full soon but if you want to visit the shop you’ll find it for just 100L here.

Nomine has a new limited edition gown out for the faire! This one includes undies, a dress with a slim or epicly big skirt, two glove styles, antlers and an entire fatpack of hair. The dress is covered in prim rose accents on the gloves and corset and a crown of roses sits on the head, fitting perfectly with the hairstyle. The corset worn with the chest and waist roses looks amazing all on it’s own for mixing and matching with other outfits. These sets cost 1200L, there are six colors and only 12 of each color will be sold.

I didn’t notice that I wasn’t wearing the chest roses after I took all my romeo and juliet poses. So…you can see that it looks good with or without the extras! I also forgot to take pics of the fancy lace jacket that can be worn on top (or alone if you want to be scandalous), but trust me it’s pretty.

The undies sets include bra, stockings, panty and garters. As always from Nomine, everything is included on every possible layer including tattoo. The items in the RFL vendors at Nomine are a special teal version of the Persephone wedding gown for 1000L (previously blogged here) and a purple version of the adorable Catherine dress from the jailbait line (previously blogged here).

Just some close up details of the set.

And a goodnight kiss. ❤

By the way! Wear Gray is ending very, very soon. Both of my skins here can be found in Rue’s donation vendors.

Credits –

SURLS for Fantasy Faire items are all above, each sim has a landing point but the surl will still give you the red arrow to the correct location.

Other stuff:

Poses: Glitterati

Orgguy’s outfit: Bare Rose

Fantasy Faire Preview – ND/MD Little Me


The Fantasy Faire opens Saturday! Visit the official blog here. This is going to be so much fun! On the Shifting Sands sim is ND/MD where they will be selling their new Little Me avatars.

These are tiny mesh avatars, based off an original shape by ND/MD. B ecause they have a different shape, they can’t wear petites clothing, but there is already a selection of Little Me clothes in the shop. In the future, Cero Style and *Fairypearls* will be releasing additional clothing for the Little Me line.  There is also a free template that anyone can use to put their own clothing textures on. A special Little Me full avatar will be part of the Fantasy Faire charity auction, only one will be sold.

Little Me avatars come with 6 body types: Full body, No Feet and Half Feet and those options come with or without teeth. There are currently 2 faces available Faith and Lara, with a selection of makeups for each. I’m not showing Lara here but she has a different face shape and a slightly more tanned skin. Males are planned for a future release too.

ND/MD Little me (Faith) - with Freckles

A unique feature of Little Me is that the eyes are included in the body mesh. They are rigged to your regular eyes, so they still move and look around, but you’ll never be accidentally eyeless. Regular prim eyes can be worn over the attached ones if another style is wanted.

ND/MD Little me (Faith glam) and (Faith smoke)

My home is full of little furniture now and I’m happy to see creators giving extra options for our wonderful tiny world. Variety is a lot of fun, and Little Me is unlike any of the others I’ve seen.

Visit ND/MD on Shifting Sands @ Fantasy Faire opening Saturday!

ND/MD Little me (Faith) – complete tinie Avatar 1,350L

ND/MD Little me (Faith glam or smoked) body meshes 1,180L each

ND/MD Little me – *Little me* tanks (pack of 4) 100L

ND/MD Little me – uni Wild pants (pack of 6, 2 versions) 150L

ND/MD Little me – Titania flower bikini 50L

Hair: Exile – Magda (past TDR item)

Poses: Y’s Art&Poses @Pose Fair

Wings: Material Squirrel – Isolde Wings in Berry PETITE 4.2.2

Background: Creative Fantasy – Faery Globe with butterfly by Julia Hathor

Hello Spacegirl – Ilia Rigged Mesh Corset


Dearest Reader. Please buy this corset. Perhaps if enough of you do, Hello Spacegirl’s creator can quit her day job and go into fulltime SL creation. Because that would make me very happy. TY in advance!

The corset is mod and comes in black and white, there is a demo to try out but it comes in standard sizing so you’ll have an idea of how it might fit. The fatpack of two colors is 299L or you can take just one color for 199L. A corset is one of the best ways to use rigged mesh, the improvement over sculpted is enormous. But there still isn’t much of a selection in the rigged corset market, so it’s neat to see something so different and uniquely designed.

The mesh Asteria Sweater from the Plastik fit well over it. This sweater is only at the Wear Gray event and it’s ending on the 22nd so don’t wait too long if you haven’t been. My poses are from evolve at Pose Fair. Evolve has several couples poses and this pack of single poses called adorbs.

My makeup is all from Mock, some of my very favorites of hers. I think Mock’s Clear Lipgloss is the best I’ve seen anywhere and the indifference eyeshadows add a shimmery depth to the eyes. Sort of sunken but in a really glam way. Then right after I finish my photos a gift is sent through the group. One of like eight gifts that day, a fatpack of blushes. One of those just happens to be made for drows and it looked great too so I took a single pic with [mock] Contouring Blush- Nephrias which is the closeup below.  There are currently 24 gifts in M.O.C.K group notices (makeup, skins, some wacky mesh pants), the members are friendly and helpful. The 250L join fee is so worth it.

The Zeta Deux set from Zibska is super chunky and I love the shape of the necklace. I like necklines that drape around the shoulders, usually that’s dresses but jewelry can do it too! It’s got a HUD for texture change in 11 colors, and the beads are seperated into 3 groups. In the set I’m wearing here I have groups 1 and 3 on black and group 2 on silver. BTW I just checked the store to see if my landmark was correct (there was a shop rebuild) and noticed Zibska is having a promo on a jewelry set at the store, a prerelease of Mireio in black. For 100L you get the prerelease and a free update of all the colors once the full release is out. This promo ends on the 23rd.

Corset: Hello Spacegirl – Ilia Corset (XS) black @ marketplace

Evolve – Adorbs @ Pose Fair

Top: :[P]:-Astreia Sweater [XS-S]://Grey Flights @ Wear Gray

Lips: [mock]Clear Gloss [one size fits most]

Eyeshadow: [mock]Dim Grey Indifference Eyeshadow

Jewelry: Zibska – Zeta Deux

Horns: [europa] Maelus horns CHARCOAL

Lashes: ni.ju – Ankoku . Darkness @ Perfect Wardrobe

Skin: Nuuna’s Skins Black skin

Eyes: Nuuna‘s Creepy black eyes

Pants: :[P]:-Aeda Knee-P-Noir

Hairbase: R E M O R S E – “Relaxed Mohawk”

Shoes: [Gos] Desire Ankle Boot

Hair: RAW HOUSE :: Trilby [Black 01]

The Light and the Darkness – Shadowkiss


There is a fantasy themed shop on marketplace called Eldritch. I saw someone with the Lambentea staff from there and was impressed with the look and options. I got it, it’s great. Anyways, the shop also sells masks, carved wooden ones with scripted options to change the texture or make the carvings glow. The prices are nice, but if your lindens are low there is also a special gift mask given to those who create a white themed fantasy avatar and post it to the Eldritch flickr group. More info on that at marketplace .

So for the flickr group I put together this outfit. My friend Poppy came around and wanted to pose with me. At first she started to put together a white outfit too but she ended up black and so we have a little story about the light and the darkness in our photos.

I joined Flickr somewhat late, I had this blog for a long time and only started using flickr a few months ago. The SL community is really active there, shops post new releases and people post lovely pics. So I really reccomend Flickr if you don’t have an account yet, for anyone who enjoys that sort of thing, probably anyone reading this. 🙂 Join, look up your favorite shops or just start browsing groups and user favorites lists. Maybe upload some photos and get a mask too! My photostream is here . You don’t have to be a blogger or have a shop to start doing SL pics. I started out in the Secondlife Universe forums “Show Your Style” thread. After posting there for awhile I started posting on my blog too. Just start snapping pics!

Have I mentioned how I really love these wings?

Poppy is a great friend, I’ll have to ask her to pose with me more often. We went to Glitterati together and were hopping on all the couples balls, seeing which worked with the wings. I love couples and group shots but the logistics of setting it up and then making someone stay still while I shoot means that I usually don’t bother with it. But the results are so fun. Poppy picked this pose and background color so a lot of the photo is her credit!

Dress: Bare Rose – ::: B@R ::: Acure

Horns 1:  .{Rue}. Horn’d/Chirurgeon: Ghost

Horns 2: [europa] Maelus horns (blank)

Wings: [europa] Nyxus wings (blank) alpha

Eyes: Ibanez -Bastet Prim Eyes – Snow Leopard

Jewelry: Evie’s Closet – Celebrian Collar + Crown

Legs: Violent Seduction – Mesh Faun Leg (Pure)

Hair: [ 69 ] AGGY – Light Silver

Skin: -Glam Affair – Amelie skin – Contessa BL

Poses: Glitterati

My friend in black is wearing –

Skin: Nuuna

Hair: Magika

Dress: Illusions

Nomine’s Persephone – Limited Edition


Persephone is the newest release from Nomine, a limited edition wedding gown set available in six colors. Only 12 of each color will be sold. Persephone is the first of seven limited edition gown sets to be released and I’m already excited to see what’s next.

The gown can be worn with or without the jacket and there are two skirt options along with matching gloves and shoes. This is an elaborate and detailed outfit, tiny bows decorate the jacket, corset and bustle.

The lingerie is delicate and transparent, complete with stockings, garter, bra and panties.

As I’m writing this a few days after release I’ll share what colors are left! 1 Black, 3 Emerald, 4 Plum, 5 Sangria, 4 Sapphire and 4 Wine remain. The gowns are 1,000L each and if you buy one be sure to pick up the box afterwards or it will end up in the lost and found folder.

Also, Pose Fair is officially open! My poses in this post are all from Morgaine’s exclusive pose fair packs, plus one of her fair gifts.


Dress, undies, shoes: Nomine Persephone Wedding Gown – Emerald (Limited edition)

Hair: **Pocket Mirrors** Ava 2 Wavy Side Semi-Updo Black

Jewelry: Krystal – Radiant Heart

Horns: [europa] Maelus horns POISON

Wings: [europa] Nyxus wings ACID TIPS alpha

Skin: *JeSyLiLO*D.R.Blue*:::ShamS:::*LightSkin (@TDR Blue)

Eyes: IKON Utopia Eyes – Deep Faerie Green (M)

Poses: Morgane Batista – Morgane’s runway NV Corsetry +  Pipins packs + fair gift @ Pose Fair