Angel on a Flinder Wing


Well there is a big sale going on at Dutch Touch! Most skins are 250-350L, makeup packs are 250L. Here is one, Jaliah. She’s got a very sweet and innocent looking face. There are a lot of things I like about Dutch Touch skins. The crisp lips, the shading around the bridge of the nose and the way the eyebrow hairs are done. I also really love that the newer skins come with a No Brows option. I’ve got some tattoo eyebrows I like, and sometimes I even like to go browless so it’s great to have that choice.

I noticed that the skin specific Dutch Touch lipsticks seemed to work well even with skins of other tones. It’s also nice that in the pack of colors there are two versions for most. One is full color and the other is slightly faded on the edges. In these pics I’m wearing the faded style. It’s very subtle. Some of the skins include lipsticks on the tattoo layer, eyeliner, hairbases and tattoo brows, four clevage types, freckles, prim lashes and high and low rez versions. Lots of options for a very low price. Each skin line has different combos of these extras and some are not obvious till after buying. For example Jaliah comes with tattoo eyebrows which are usable on other skin tones too!

My jewelry is from Elemental Earth designs and currently only available at the jewelry fair. They will be in the mainshop after the fair is over Sept. 25th. Sirena took the elements theme and ran with it so the EED stall has a ton of new jewelry styled after the four elements. I find the textures on the gems and wood just gorgeous. Everything from EED is transfer so it’s a nice place to visit if you’re looking for a gift. Each item comes in a neat elements themed giftbox, I’ll have to show them sometime.

The outfit from Angelwing was a previous hunt gift. Occasionally Angelwing will have a store wide hunt with a color of new release as the prize. There isn’t a hunt currently going on but there are gifts out, MM boards and lucky chairs if you are looking for a deal. There are two skirts included with the dress, short and long. It also comes with the flower wreath and wings made of ivy. Covering the dress are details of woven wicker, winding ivy and daisys. So much detail and only 200L a color.  Yay!

Credits –

Hair: Zero Style – Page (300L)
Skin: Dutch Touch – Jaliah – Cafenoir (sale! 350L)
Shape: Dutch Touch Sterre (dutch touch group gift)
Eyes: The Plastik – OniCollection – Turtleshell
Tattoo lips: Dutch Touch – Jaliah – Ebony nr7a (sale! 250L a fatpack)
Outfit: Angelwing – Elysia Brown (200L)
Jewelry: Elemental Earth Designs (fair stall) – enchanted crystal necklace(115L) and earth bangles(125 for a set of left and right) thank you!
Lashes: FTL


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