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Crazy Arse Hair Hunt Begins! Octopus Attack!!!


Yay, one of my favorite hunts has started, the Crazy Arse Hair hunt! With this hunt you can start at any location and work your way through the shops. The theme is flora and fauna, and I already have a ton of awesome hairs to show off. The one in my post today is the gift from Weather or Not. It’s a rigged mesh octopus with cute little eyes and he comes in shiny or regular textures. His legs wrap around your head and over your shoulders and the rigging keeps them from poking into your torso. The head of my Dollcoco mesh avatar is a bit small for it, so I wore the Noel hair from Pocket Mirrors underneath.

Zeery has a set of lovely silver enamel bangles out. There are many bright colors to choose from and each pack comes with two versions, a single bangle and a stack of three. Like with most new releases at Zeery, there is a 10L cheapie color to buy too!

My background is the Spessart Skybox VIII. Spessart is a new shop and this skybox is their first release, but there are several versions and sizes for sale, starting at only 10L. It’s simple and low prim, with beautiful textures that made a pretty backdrop for my pics. They are also copy/mod so it’s easy to make changes¬†and add or remove prims if needed.

My dress from R.icielli is lovely but much more of a photo dress than one I could wear out. Especially when it comes to trying to dress a mesh avatar with prims. Dollcoco sells mesh clothing that fits her doll avatars but it has a very specific style and isn’t so easy to mix and match with. Still I love my doll avatar, I just think she looks best bare. But I can’t post that! ūüôā

Hair:  **Pocket Mirrors** Noel FEMALE -Hairbase- Charcoal

Avatar:  *DOLLCOCO* (cacao)_Judy

Octohair: <!WorN?> MESH Octohairs – matte seagreen Crazy Hair Hunt Prize

Dress: R.icielli – JEANE dress/greenspring

Bracelets: {Zeery} Silver Enamel Bangle :: Animus :: Vernus [L] 190L

Poses: Glitterati – Deadringer (100L sale)

Skybox: Spessart – Skybox VIII scripted 10L –¬†149L @ marketplace here


On My Knees


Alter ego recently had a complete redesign of the shop and celebrated with a grand opening party. There was a sale too but they are always quick so you gotta be fast! My top, pants, and lipstick are all pieces from the shop. My pose is from Exposeur who is having a 50L sale on pose packs and a half off sale on pose props. With Adorkable and Glitterati also having pose sales how do they expect us to have room for pose fair?! I’m sure I’ll find some space somewhere.

I’ve been battling a skin texture bug which tints my upper body white and my legs grey, thankfully clothing layers and face are unaffected. ¬†So far my best fixes have been photo editing tools (there are a bunch of great easy to use online ones too) or mesh avatars. So…my avatar is on her knees praying to the SL gods. Will she ever get to wear shorts again? On the up side, mesh avatars are only getting more awesome every day. And I’m sure it will sort itself out eventually, this isn’t the first time SL has thrown a crazy bug at me.

Hair: Red Mint

Skin: Mynerva

Top: Alter Ego

Pants: Alter Ego

Lipstick: Alter Ego

Pose: Exposeur (sluicide girls group gift, 25L join fee)

Krystal Fine Jewelry


Just a quickie headshot set to show off the jewelry set I got at Krystal, a new shop from the same creator as Kouse’s Sanctum. Kouse’s Sanctum¬†is probably best known for elegant gowns, but the jewelry section has always been my favorite part of the shop. So I’m happy to see she’s started¬†a store to focus on it.

Most items at Krystal come in gold or silver, and two gem versions, diamond or multigem which has a fatpack of gem¬†colors selectable by menu. The multigem is only a bit more expensive than the diamond, so it’s a great deal if you love color options like I do. The jewelry is transferable and some of the sets are available as individual pieces or bundled¬†together for a¬†reduced price. The Krystal group has a 25L join fee and there is a necklace gift in the notices, a special gem type of the Virtue necklace. Sent on the 24th and will stay for two weeks from that date.

Avatar: Doll Coco – Lena

Hair: Elikatira – Rhythm

Jewelry: Krystal –¬†Radiant Heart Set Multijewel

Poses: Glitterati (100L sale + VIP group gets 50% credit)

The Littlest Witch – Mynerva Petite Light Drow


Last post I wore one of Mynerva’s human toned petites. Here I’m in the midtone of her three fantasy petite skins. I’ve used the lipstick HUD¬†for red¬†lips. It comes with six lip colors (plus the basic lip color on the regular hud makes 7 makeups in all). The human petites get a choice of freckles but the drows get a choice of white or black eyebrows which is quite nice I think.

The Black Caster outfit from Bare Rose is, no surprise, great! It comes with two versions, one has white lines and the other black. The gloomy fog windlight setting I used gave it a darker purple tint. The staff is very cute and detailed. I appreciated the closed fist hand option that comes with petites. It was perfect for fitting the staff into. The hand poses are one of those nice little extras. I think petites would have sold just as well without hand poses or the tinting hud. They are just thoughtful extras to make the petites even better.

My poses are all from Eternal Dream. The Piece of Sun pose pack was made with bikinis in mind, but one pose in particular worked out just perfect for holding onto my big hat. Almost all of my decor is from Roawenwood’s previous twisted hunt gift. The current twisted hunt is going on right now and I still haven’t found their gifts but I’m sure it’s just as amazing as these were! The arcane circle that makes up my floor is from the current twisted hunt though, at Oddment.

Resizing my hair from elikatira was very easy. I find most of my hairs resize well. I haven’t yet tried resizing outfits or shoes yet. I have too many cute petite outfits to use first, and I like not having to wear shoes. Fairys don’t need em! When you can fly, shoes are about as important as gloves. Totally optional. ūüėÄ

Avatar:¬†Mynerva¬†‚Äď Petite ‚Äď Light Drow (eyes included)

Outfit: Bare Rose РPetite Black Caster

Hair: elikatira – Early

Poses: Eternal Dream Poses – Piece Of Sun

Mynerva’s New Petites – Cocoa


Mynerva has released six adorable petites, with more in the works! She has the sweetest faces, just perfect for a tiny fairy. It’s impressive how fast these came out. I’ve been following Mynerva’s flickr and she went from designing her own tiny mesh avatar, to teaming up with Yabusaka, to releasing in just a few weeks.

She has modified her newest skin, Milena, to fit the Yabusaka petite avatars. You can choose between three human tones (cocoa, peach, cream) and three fantasy tones (alabaster, light drow and dark drow). Like other petites, each pack includes three hand poses and the HUD for tinting and facial expressions. There are also green and blue eyes included, along with freckle face and cleavage option on the HUD. In the future, makeup HUD addons will be released as well as my favorite, the Na’vi stars tattoo! There will also be a free update with PG bodies. (Edit: I was so excited to put her on and snap some pics I missed the six lipsticks already included by HUD. :D)

My dress and hairflower are from Bare Rose who has several petite outfits for sale. This comes in two colors and has wings I’m not wearing. Same tiny price and great details as the big ones! Material Squirrel sells wings sized for petites, but mine are normal ones that I shrunk. The flexi wings seem to resize easily, though the sculpted wings may not.

Avatar: Mynerva – Petite – Cocoa

Outfit: Bare Rose

Wings: Material Squirrel

Hair: Wasabi Pills

Poses: Oracul

Green Sale at Rue Ending on the 24th!


Rue’s¬†St. Patricks¬†holiday sale is over soon, half off on all green items. Eyes, tattoos, horns and skins but it ends on the 24th and that’s tommorow!

I had a hard time choosing which shade of skin to buy. In the end I got two, this teal shade and a light olive. That’s the hardest thing, there are 12 shades just for green! There are lots of options included with the skins and also skins for guys. The sale brings them down to just 300L each.

Plastik has had these Tomboy tees on sale for a bit now at the landing point, 49L per a pack of two. My eyes and skirt are from St. Patricks deals that are over now, sorry :p. My computer has been having major fights with SL this week and today was the first time I could actually grab¬†a photo without crashing. I have the Blog of Sales Past. Come with me… I’ll show you the grid as it would have been had you never been rezzed ~ Hmm I may be mixing up It’s a Wonderful Life with A Christmas Carol.

Top: [Plastilk]-TomboyTee – Darkemerald (49L sale)
Hair: :::insanya::: Hair Base – Stars Black – 3
Facepaint: .{Rue}. Paint’d/Moth: Dryad, fresh
Horns: .{Rue}. Horn’d/Chirurgeon: Dragonfly(ridged) (half off sale)
Skirt: [Aura] Low Rise Boho (mesh) skirt – Xs – Shamrock Dark
Earrings: [Aura] Phosphorus – Club Hoops (Smallest fit) – L – Surf (half off sale)
Skin: .{Rue}. Skin’d/Anima Silvia: Bare (NBr-NFr-Clv) (half off sale)
Eyes: IKON Utopia Eyes – Light Faerie Green (M)

A Visit To The Selidor Art Gallery – Featuring Shuri Dreamscape


When I was new to SL, the first really impressive thing I saw was a live music event held at an art gallery. Most people were dancing in front of the pianist’s stage but the music was streaming for the entire sim, so were were free to wander the nearby gallery too. I took my time enjoying the music and looking at each picture. It really felt to me just the same as viewing art in real life.¬†Since then I have been very fond of SL art galleries and museums. Many of my friends consider a packed club to be the best entertainment SL has to offer, but I love the beauty and intent of a SL exhibit.

The Selidor Art Gallery opens today with a new artist, Shuri Dreamscape (flickr here:¬†). I went to have a little looksee. I already know Shuri’s work from flickr so it’s great to see it promoted inworld too. There are so many talented photographers in SL, but she is one of my very favorites. The Selidor is a cute little gallery and it’s packed floor to ceiling with her best work.

Her art will be up from March 13th to April 13th and later today at 2pm she’ll be greeting visitors to the gallery. Although she¬†could sell her photos, she’s generously decided to allow anyone to take them home for free (right click and select take copy). If you love her work she will accept donations. I left with¬†a ton of new art for my walls!

One thing that impresses me about Shuri’s photos is that they are all done without the use of shadows. She proves that gorgeous photos don’t require the highest settings or the newest computer and graphics card. She shared a few tips with me when I complimented her posing and lighting. She often takes photos¬†using animations, takes extra big photos so that she can crop them while keeping the quality, and wears a gentle facelight.

My dress is one of Hucci’s outfits at collabor88 this month. To match it I wore Suzie Q in earth –¬†the earrings, bracelet and necklace set¬†from Bliensen + MaiTai. I’ve modded it a bit, tinting some of the pink, purple and yellow gems to green. Just another reason I love mod items, it’s very nice to have the option to customize when you want a specific look.

Credits –

Lipstick: .:Glamorize:. Glamorous Fade – Teal

Hair: **Pocket Mirrors** Ava 2 Wavy Side Semi-Updo Black

Dress: ::HH:: Hucci O-Floral Maxi Dress SM – Foliage @ Collabor88

Jewelry: Bliensen + MaiTai – Suzie Q – earth

Shoes: N-core COQUETTE Platform “Turquoise”

Skin: al vulo!- Alice*  natural claveage cacoa @ Private Room Event

Eyes: Ibanez Ltd Edition Natural Eyes – Green/Grey

Location: Selidor Art Gallery

Favole at Fashion For Life


More stuff from Fashion for Life! Favole has several elegant releases in the FFL vendors and I get to show them here!

Propriety Red comes with two skirt choices, ragged or smooth for¬†300L. The train on the back of the skirt is detachable, it’s not a long train but extra skirting in the back. I’m enjoying¬†the silky smooth textures on the bodice and the lovely way the skirt flows.

Black Dahlia is a tight mesh mini dress with a subtle floral pattern for 150L.

Estranged has a lace up corset top and an extravagant ballgown skirt with tattered edges and netting for 350L.

Stormed is a glittery mesh corset for 120L. The skirt I’m wearing with it is¬†part of¬†another new release¬†from Favole. The¬†Leanansidhe dress, which is 400L, comes with gloves and a different style mesh corset top (not shown).

Credits –

Outfits: Favole @FFL Dreamseeker Epoque sim

Shoes: HOC Industries – Platform Pumps

Lips: [mock]Lucir LipColor Venom @ The FTLO Black Market (free demo)

Hair: **Pocket Mirrors** Lucy Updo Black

Jewelry: Zibska Alana ~ Earring and Necklace

Skin: .ploom. Lea_Honey

Eyes: .:A&M:. Element Eyes РOcean

Hairbase: Amacci Hairbase Tattoo – Jet Black

Poses: Glitterati

Dare Designs at Fashion For Life


Today I’ve got the outfits you’ll find in the FFL donation vendors at the Dare Designs stall. All the outfits come with multiple wear options, more than I’ve shown here. They are also trans, so easily giftable. Above is the¬†DDC Fall/winter¬†set, it includes five tops and¬†four undies variations.

My skin is Loushaa from Inaya.¬†The skin comes with or without hairbase and a¬†open or closed lips option. Her¬†face is natural with some light blush and a cateye. I’ve also¬†worn¬†lip jelle from Mock. The Eva Wavy hairstyle is one of Pocket Mirrors recent releases.

Dark December is my favorites here. It has lovely lingerie with optional corset and a dress with four skirt styles in short or long, open or closed. The dress can be worn with or without the sleeved shirt.

Ophelia would make a nice burlesque or cancan outfit, with the open skirt option that shows lots of leg. It can also be worn as a closed skirt or just lingerie.

This skimpy shorts and top set Joliette includes an even skimpier undies set!

Even more scandalous is the latex Scorch. Lots of mix and match options here with cuffs, collar, stockings and suspenders, corset, gloves, jacket and bra. I noticed that Sonya Marmurek blogged this today and it looks amazing on her!

Carmine’s color¬†makes it a great suit for St Patricks day. Last here is¬†Sunday Afternoon, the FFL hunt gift which can be found at the shop.


Outfits: Dare Designs @ FFL Dreamseeker Epoque sim

Shoes: HOC Industries – Platform Pumps

Lips: [mock] Seal Brown Lip Jelle

Hair: **Pocket Mirrors** Eva Wavy Black

Skin: [inaya] Skin РLoushaa (Teinte Cadiz)  HB

Eyes: .ID. Summertime Reflections – DBrown/The Woods

Bare Rose at Fashion for Life


I’ve got two outfits from Bare Rose to show today, both are in donation vendors at the¬†Fashion for Life event which is a¬†benifit for the American Cancer Society. This event only¬†lasts 10 days and ends on the 20th. There are ten sims and I’m happy to report that I had no lag even though I expected it to be bad on the¬†first days.¬†There are gatchas, hunts, plenty of shopping with exclusive items and lots of other things going on. The official website¬†has a map,¬†list of shops, surls and¬†much more info.

Mt first outfit is the Naiad, a dreamy gown in an exclusive color for FFL. To get to the Bare Rose stall head out of the landing point at Bliss Coture and it will be the first shop on the left.

I blogged this suit from Bare Rose just yesterday in black. Well, now I see that there is a special purple version at FFL! Just like the¬†black version, it comes with a choice of tie colors, a short pleated skirt, panties,¬†stockings and shoes. Here I’m wearing just the suit jacket, shirt and tie. This was the look I mentioned last post, with the pants from Jane, she looks like a lawyer or business lady.

My eyes are by Vanity Flair, they have a subtle clock design to relfect¬†“It’s Time” theme.¬†To get there go to the¬†Dreamseeker Momentum ¬†sim and it will be just down the stairs from Falln Creations on the left side. The color I’m wearing is a hunt gift but there are several other colors sold in the vendors.

I’m also wearing a bracelet and ring, both can be found in the gatcha area on the Volta sim.

Look 1: Naiad

Outfit ::: B@R ::: Naiad RFL  @ FFL 100L

Hair: **Pocket Mirrors** Ava 2 Wavy Side Semi-Updo Black

Shoes: [chuchulet] sandalettes

Skin: al vulo!- Alice*  natural claveage cacoa @ Private Room Event 300L

Eyes: ~VanityFlair byLera~ MED Sonata Volta – Time FFLEyes 2012 @ FFL (hunt item 79L)

Poses: Glitterati

Look 2: Slim Purple Lady

Outfit: ::: B@R ::: Slim Purple Lady  @ FFL  180L

Hairbase: Exile Hairbase: Mink

Hair: **Pocket Mirrors** Ava 2 Wavy Side Semi-Updo Black

Glasses: .:*December*:. Glasses No.58

Ring: ::je suis::tente::fire::ring @ FFL Gatcha volta

Bracelet: EarthStones Shades of Stones Bracelet РRed Jasper & Onyx  @ FFL Gatcha volta

Pant: JANE – wide leg pant.zooey.raven [fair]

Shoe: NX-Nardcotix Esther Vintage Pump

Skin: al vulo!- Alice*  natural claveage coaco @ Private Room Event 300L

Eyes: ~VFbyLera~ MED Sonata Volta – Time FFLEyes 2012 @ FFL (hunt item 79L)

Poses: Hot Dolphin Love (closing sale, 1L each)