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Fantastic Flying Fox


If Sonic has taught me anything, it’s that foxes can fly. I may only have one tail but really, that’s all that you need. Don’t worry about my little fox friend on my shoulders, he’s just sleeping. This foxy scarf is a group gift from Violent Seduction which is 50L to join. He’s rigged mesh so the tail won’t poke through your body.

The terrain texture from was perfect for making a gamelike scene. There are six textures included in the pack for just 30L. Stripes, dots and squares with or without shading. Also seen in the background is the sim surround from just 5L each in sand, snow or grass textures.

Makeup: ::AlterEgo:: Fantasy Eye-Make-Up : A-6

Hair: *DP yumyum*16/black

Ears + Tail: .[PETRICHOR]. – Fox Ears (old hunt gift)

Fox Friend: Violent Seduction – Vulpine Scarf (group gift)

Skin: .::Mother Goose’s::. Chiaki

Eyes: Ibanez SmoothGlow Eyes – Cumin

Top: :::Sn@tch Frankie Sheer Tank (Peach-S):::

Skirt: :: alterego :: OooWee Minis- Skirt dark

Shoes: HOC Industries – Bolts II

Stockings: :::Sn@tch For Love Stockings (Taupe):::

Poses: Dare

Terrain texture: Funky Grass Texture @ marketplace

Sim surround: Platinum Prim – Mountain Range Sand


Well, hello there Spacegirl


I can not overstate the importance of good eye protection in Second Life, what with all the blinding bling, stilletto heels and five inch nails flying everywhere.

The Bubble Goggles are the first release from Hello Spacegirl. They are unrigged mesh and mod, so they can take tinting, glow and transparency modifications. There are six texture packs to choose from and each pack comes with white or black straps and a full white version for tinting.

Mock’s newest lip is a clear gloss, something she has been working on a long time to perfect. It can be worn over nude lips, over lipsticks or even over other glosses like my Orange skin happened to have. There’s a demo in the shop to try too. I love glossy lips in SL. They just feel…fancy. I put on one of the mock matte lips (redhot grape nerds) to better show off the gloss before and after.

This version of the Lunch hair by Gesamtkunstwerk was an old hunt gift from the Crazy Arse Hair Hunt, but there is a Lunch 2.0 that is similar and sold in the shop.

Credits –

Goggles: Hello Spacegirl – Bubble Goggles Sunset (white)

Earrings: Zibska – Ren

Lipgloss: [mock]Clear Gloss

Outfit: Hyper Culture – Active wear – Blaze l

Boots: [Gos] Curvaceous Boot

Hair: Gesamtkunstwerk – <<Griddie>> Lunch – Black

Eyes: Negaposi – Vampire Eyes – Twilight

Skin: Custom

Poses: Miamai

Location: Blue Galaxy Store

H – E – Double Hockey Sticks


Dilly Dolls has released Davinia, a mesh reworking of an outfit that was previously done in sculpts. It’s available in all the standard sizes but there is a demo to check. There are three parts which can be mixed and matched. The skirt, the corset and the top. The top comes in a rigged or unrigged version. Because this is her first rigged mesh, and the sculpts had already been made, the outfit is only 300L for the fatpack of colors.

My earrings and necklace are the current Zibska group gift, a silver version of the new Olivie set. My poses are a also a group gift, from oOo Studios. They will be available in the shop in March.

The volcano terrain textures are from Platinum Prim are sold alone as a pack or they are also included in the big fatpack of all the single texture packs. I found it while searching for a nice sand texture. This pack has 119 textures for just 275L and 21 of those were sand textures so I was in luck. The creator was super fast and helpful when I had a problem too. 🙂

My tears and face dots are two tattoos from Pin Me Down. My lips are two stacks of Mynerva’s lipsticks.

Credits –

Eyeshadow: Pin Me Down – Crying2

Dots: Pin Me Down – Set 7 01 – For ZombiePopcorn brand

Lipstick: Mynerva – Lipstick Style 2~Dark Red + Red

Outfit: *DillyDolls* Davinia

Nails: *Sexy Mamas* Prim Nails

Horns: .{Rue}. Horn’d/Matchmaker – Clean: Dominion (modded)

Jewelry: Zibska – Olivie (group gift 200L join fee)

Hair: [elikatira] Looking – White 05

Skin: -Glam Affair – Amelie skin – Contessa BL

Eyes: Negaposi – Vampire Eyes – Grave

Poses: oOo Studios Sexpot (group gift join fee 100L)

Terrain Textures: Platinum Prim

Cart Sale @ Car Wash – Still Golden


A quicky for the 10L cart sale at Car Wash. Some of my favorite shops are participating with several items out all for 10L or less. Yay! It runs till the 14th of March.

Heartsick’s cart has male and female skins with shapes included. Sn@tch has full outfits, seperates and shoes for sale there. Even my background is from the cart sale. Timeless Textures’s cart has a bunch of texture packs for making a new home, landscaping and jewelry creation.

Credits –

Dress: :::Sn@tch Nymph Dress (10L cart sale)

Makeup: [mock]Memories of Mardi Gras (group gift 250L join fee)

Hair:  **Pocket Mirrors** Melvin

Shoes: B&T Platform Pumps Veneta

Jewelry: Zibska – Zivit

Skin: Heartsick :Devotion : Euphoria : Au Naturel (another heartsick skin is at the cartsale)

Eye: ** [ Riddle ] ** Multi Tone Eyes – Brown #2 (back to black)

Background Texture: timeless textures (10L cart sale)

Poses: Olive juice (closed)

We Are Golden


Entre Mares has this lovely new Nicola Dress out. There is a gold or silver version available. Elegant with gauzy layers and sexy cutouts, I wanted a red carpet but I couldn’t find one so I went to the Amorosa Ballroom. Because this dress is unscripted, no mod and includes a few full bright pieces, it looks best under bright light situations. Here I’m usng the Avatar Opt whiter windlight setting.

To match the movie star look of the dress, I’m wearing the new Alana jewelry from Zibska. There are two sets, the earrings and necklace set and the matching cuffs and bangles. As usual from Zibska the sets are scripted to change gem and metal textures either by HUD or menu.

My handy any color I need pumps from HOC saved the day when I couldn’t find a gold colored shoe in my inventory.

Went a bit wild with layer stacking and ended up with three eyeshadows. I wanted to keep her lip nude so I gave a bold eyeshadow. Do I sound like a contestant on Project Runway explaining their model’s look? Can you tell I was watching it in the background while putting together this post. 🙂

Credits –

Dress: Entre Mares – Nicola(Gold)

Shoes: HOC Industries – Noir Pumps

Gloves: * RezIpsa Loc * ~ Gold Nails

Makeup 1:*elymode* makeup – brown & gold w/ liner

Makeup 2:*BOOM* Down to Basics – Gold


Hair: **Pocket Mirrors** Sabriane Semi-Updo Golden

Lashes: ::BB:: Mesh Lashes V.01 (Dollface black)

Jewelry: Zibska – Alana ~ Bangle, Cuff, Earrings, Necklace

Skin: bodyline – Uzuri

Eyes: Negaposi – Vampire Eyes – Venus

Poses: Glitterati

Location: Amorosa Ballroom

Cat Burglar


Is this what they are talking about when they menton corporate greed? Those fat cats sitting on their piles of money. But don’t you know fat bottomed cats make the corporate world go round. 🙂

These money poses from the Festival of Sin are so fun, i’m loving all the pics people are making with em. I don’t imagine this kitty stole her cash from shareholders though. Probably a bank, in the good tradition of cat woman.

Credits –

Outfit: :::Sn@tch PVC Suit

Liner: *BOOM* Express Liner

Facepaint: +Nuuna+ Zion Red tat. (F)

Lips: -Sorry.Asia- NAHM (cherry) –

Brows: +Nuuna+ Black Eyebrows

Hair: -Likeli- Shaheen hair v1

Lashes: ::BeetleBones:: Mesh Lashes V.01 (minimalist black)

Ears: ChiChickie! Neko Ears

Tail: Lemon Tea [Neko Tail]

Whiskers: Liquor Pussy Whiskers

Boots: Slink Tall Leather Thigh Boots Average Black

Shape: :::Sn@tch Shape (Rosario)::: (modded)

Skin: +Nuuna+ Christmas 2011 Cl.

Eyes: Negaposi – NEKO EYES – night flower

Poses: LAP – Bet Your Bottom Dollar @ Festival of Sin

Modulor Space Cadets


My friend Cel and I went for a visit to Doomed Ship. I’m the robot and she’s the leggy one. Her short skirt uniform with no pants and all that leg reminded me of Zapp Brannigan from Futurama. I guess that makes me Kif.

These outfits are from a shop I hadn’t seen before. Modulor has a small selection of very nicely done mesh items. Some dresses, shirts and the first mesh tears I’ve seen. We got the gift and decided we were very cute, so we went to Doomed Ship and stood near the entryway for some pics. It turned out to be an elevator but I don’t think we got in anyone’s way. Somehow I don’t think these uniforms fit the gritty feel of the sim very well, but it’s still an awesome place for a sci-fi background.

Credits –

Outfit: =Modulor=Renpou Uniform(blue) (free)

Shoes: N-core COQUETTE Platform “Turquoise” (mimi’s choice womenstuff hunt gift)

Skin: Nomine Android Skin Female – silver

Eyes: Nomine Android Eyes – white orb

Poses: Oracul, Glitterati

Location: Doomed Ship (RP Area)

Cel (Braf Flannagin) is wearing skin by LAQ – Lacie 01 Milky and hair by Magika. Shape is Minuet from Romi Skin, eyes from LLP neo – doll eye in grey and Chablis Sandals from Indrya Originals.

It’s a Mardi Gras party at Flux!


The carnival parade was here in my town today. It’s cold and rainy and noone would be dressed like this sun or not, but in SL we can do as we wish with no risk of catching the flu or getting scandalous looks from neighbors!

I was going to do this post on Tuesday but Flux will be having a Mardi Gras party at 6pm SLT sunday 19th feb (that’s like…right now!) here. If you haven’t yet visited, Flux has a bunch of vendors in stalls and litte shops around the area and they are selling all sorts of Mardi Gras themed items. I figured it would be a good idea to get this posted before the party. (edit – okay at least near the start of the party?) Take the teleport door at the landing point up to the party box.

One of the shop set up at Flux is Schadenfreude, I’m holding one of the fans, it comes in solid green and purple or an alternating colors version. They also have themed top hats, bone crowns, corsets and more.

Also at Flux I picked up a few freebies, the thin bead necklaces and scepter are two I found.

A lot of my outfit is from Chanimations lucky chairs. They have a neat sim with lots of neat stuff, especially burlesque themed outfits and and various creative pose props. There are also five lucky chairs around the sim (I’ve only ever found four hehe) and it’s loaded with Mardi Gras themed items. The outfit can also be bought in the shop if you don’t want to wait.

Special sneak peek at my getting ready process! I’m not really ready till I’ve had a spin in Mock’s makeup chair. There’s even a line!

Mini-mock! She’s wearing one of the Petiets mesh fariy avatars, with hair by Wasabi Pills and a dress from Evie’s Closet.

Credits –

Skin: *YS & YS* Cara Tan Preview 4 @ TDR

Eyes: <negaposi> MYSTIC EYES – DREAMY

Necklaces 1: Netherworld – Mardi Gras Beads -Gold, Green, Purple (Fleur De Lis) (gift @ Flux)

Fan: Schadenfreude Mardi Gras Fan (alternating) @ Flux

Scepter: [E3D] Enchant3D Mardi Gras Scepter (Gift @ Flux)

Hat: (*chanimations TopHat (less feathers) **MARDI GRAS PURPLE**

Shoes: HOC Industries – Platform Pumps

Outfit: !dM sequinsStockings, dM featherWheel, dM diamondPanties, **ABSINTHE** diamond bra, MoulinRouge SequinsGlove, !dM sequinsCorset

Makeup: [mock]Raven’s Golden Dawn Ore Mizu Makeover with Nails(group gift)

Necklace 2:(*chanimations beadsNecklace **MARDI GRAS** (1) – chest

Poses: Flux bead chatching poses, A&M mocap burlesque dance

Location: Flux of course!

Back to Black – Courage and Determination


The courage to wear hot pink hot pants, the determination to climb a stack o’ chairs in platform heels.

Back to black is promoting mental health awareness with a fair lasting till Feb 29. Vendors have set up in sections according to a theme. In the courage section Zeery has a new scarf out, Animus. There are four colors and I love them, so silky and bright.

Studio Sidhe can be found in the determination section. The precariously balanced chairs pose prop comes with three built in poses and a pose adjustment system that is super simple to use. The default cushion color is a light pink, but tinting was very easy and I’ve matched the prop to my outfit a bit.

I also tinted the Magda hair from Exile. It’s the first unrigged mesh hair I have seen. The hair has only two faces, so with one selection I got the results here. I wonder if Exile is planning to release all new hair as mesh. Creation must be so much easier when you can do it in one go rather than piecing together sculpties bit by bit. I like it, I find it easier to fit because you can change the entire size just as you can with regular prims. But unlike linked prim hair, you can also make it taller without also making it wider and without a script. I haven’t tried that script out myself yet but it was reccomended on SLU so there it is. 🙂

The bodypaint from handverk includes dots and stripes on the arms legs and face. I’m wearing just the  body dots but the set comes with lots of wear options, yay. All tintable too for neat combos. My HOC shoes are also tinted, I guess I was in a customizing mood today!

Credits –

Hair: ::Exile:: Magda:Autumn (tinted pink highlights) @ The Dressing Room Blue

Skin: Heartsick : Rumour : Eternity : Au Naturel

Eyes: Ibanez Fantasy Glow Eyes – Gilded Lily

Lips: Pink Acid Diva Lip Gloss – Magenta

Lash: :: DUTCH TOUCH ::IsiS::

Body Paint: [Handverk] Ndidi Body Paint

Scarf: {Zeery} Neck Draped Scarf :: Animus :: Exemplar 290L @ Back to Black till feb 29

Top: *BOOM* Everyday Tank (teal)

Shorts: *BOOM* Feel Free Shorts (minaj pink)

Shoes: HOC Industries – Platform Pumps

Pose Prop:+:SS:+: Determination – 3 pose prop 50L  @ Back to Black till feb 29

Single Poses: Tea Soup (closed)

Orc’s Valentine the Third: For the Love of Leezu


My third valentines look. 🙂 I put it together for the Love of Leezu contest which required mixing at least two pieces of different outfits from their shop and at least one piece being pink. Well I hope the pink trim on my Nottingham pants counts hehe. It’s a contest of style and not photograhy so snapshots were accepted and every entry got a free bag as a gift. I’m showing it here even though the colors maybe clash a bit.

The jewelry I’m wearing from Zibska has several textures selectable by menu. I’ve made it all the same color but it’s actually quite a neat effect if you alternate the colors, since you can color the inner and outer fronds.

I totally meant to wear the pink mayfly eyes which are new at Crush on You but somehow I ended up with these other eyes on! Didn’t notice till I was writing up the list.

Gesamkunstwerk has this hair as their group gift. They have always been my favorite shop for big crazy Dr. Seuss style hair. Speaking of, I’ve seen signs out for the crazy arse hair hunt 3 “flora and fauna” and I’m excited. Yay for Treebee’s return!

Credits –

Hair: Gesamkunstwerk <<Griddie>> Lily – Candy (feb group gift)

Skin: Heartsick : Misaki : Eternity : Natural

Eyes: (now called Ikon) ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Rose (M)

Jewelry: Zibska  Cerys ~ Necklace + Earrings

Bodypaint: [Handverk] Guinevere White Body Paint [BODY ONLY]

Facepaint: [Handverk] Talen Face Paint [DOTS]

Pants: [LeeZu!]Nottingham Pants pink/brown by LeeZu!

Top: [LeeZu!]Emma Swings Top  by LeeZu!

Shoes: :: PM :: Tara Ankle Boots in Cherry [Tiger]

Nails: Deluxe Fingernails V4.1 by jamman

Bag: [LeeZu!] Sacoche (Bag) Marrakesh

Poses: Juxtapose – sweet emotion