Crazy Arse Hair Hunt Begins! Octopus Attack!!!


Yay, one of my favorite hunts has started, the Crazy Arse Hair hunt! With this hunt you can start at any location and work your way through the shops. The theme is flora and fauna, and I already have a ton of awesome hairs to show off. The one in my post today is the gift from Weather or Not. It’s a rigged mesh octopus with cute little eyes and he comes in shiny or regular textures. His legs wrap around your head and over your shoulders and the rigging keeps them from poking into your torso. The head of my Dollcoco mesh avatar is a bit small for it, so I wore the Noel hair from Pocket Mirrors underneath.

Zeery has a set of lovely silver enamel bangles out. There are many bright colors to choose from and each pack comes with two versions, a single bangle and a stack of three. Like with most new releases at Zeery, there is a 10L cheapie color to buy too!

My background is the Spessart Skybox VIII. Spessart is a new shop and this skybox is their first release, but there are several versions and sizes for sale, starting at only 10L. It’s simple and low prim, with beautiful textures that made a pretty backdrop for my pics. They are also copy/mod so it’s easy to make changes and add or remove prims if needed.

My dress from R.icielli is lovely but much more of a photo dress than one I could wear out. Especially when it comes to trying to dress a mesh avatar with prims. Dollcoco sells mesh clothing that fits her doll avatars but it has a very specific style and isn’t so easy to mix and match with. Still I love my doll avatar, I just think she looks best bare. But I can’t post that! 🙂

Hair:  **Pocket Mirrors** Noel FEMALE -Hairbase- Charcoal

Avatar:  *DOLLCOCO* (cacao)_Judy

Octohair: <!WorN?> MESH Octohairs – matte seagreen Crazy Hair Hunt Prize

Dress: R.icielli – JEANE dress/greenspring

Bracelets: {Zeery} Silver Enamel Bangle :: Animus :: Vernus [L] 190L

Poses: Glitterati – Deadringer (100L sale)

Skybox: Spessart – Skybox VIII scripted 10L – 149L @ marketplace here


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