Krystal Fine Jewelry


Just a quickie headshot set to show off the jewelry set I got at Krystal, a new shop from the same creator as Kouse’s Sanctum. Kouse’s Sanctum is probably best known for elegant gowns, but the jewelry section has always been my favorite part of the shop. So I’m happy to see she’s started a store to focus on it.

Most items at Krystal come in gold or silver, and two gem versions, diamond or multigem which has a fatpack of gem colors selectable by menu. The multigem is only a bit more expensive than the diamond, so it’s a great deal if you love color options like I do. The jewelry is transferable and some of the sets are available as individual pieces or bundled together for a reduced price. The Krystal group has a 25L join fee and there is a necklace gift in the notices, a special gem type of the Virtue necklace. Sent on the 24th and will stay for two weeks from that date.

Avatar: Doll Coco – Lena

Hair: Elikatira – Rhythm

Jewelry: Krystal – Radiant Heart Set Multijewel

Poses: Glitterati (100L sale + VIP group gets 50% credit)


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