The Littlest Witch – Mynerva Petite Light Drow


Last post I wore one of Mynerva’s human toned petites. Here I’m in the midtone of her three fantasy petite skins. I’ve used the lipstick HUD for red lips. It comes with six lip colors (plus the basic lip color on the regular hud makes 7 makeups in all). The human petites get a choice of freckles but the drows get a choice of white or black eyebrows which is quite nice I think.

The Black Caster outfit from Bare Rose is, no surprise, great! It comes with two versions, one has white lines and the other black. The gloomy fog windlight setting I used gave it a darker purple tint. The staff is very cute and detailed. I appreciated the closed fist hand option that comes with petites. It was perfect for fitting the staff into. The hand poses are one of those nice little extras. I think petites would have sold just as well without hand poses or the tinting hud. They are just thoughtful extras to make the petites even better.

My poses are all from Eternal Dream. The Piece of Sun pose pack was made with bikinis in mind, but one pose in particular worked out just perfect for holding onto my big hat. Almost all of my decor is from Roawenwood’s previous twisted hunt gift. The current twisted hunt is going on right now and I still haven’t found their gifts but I’m sure it’s just as amazing as these were! The arcane circle that makes up my floor is from the current twisted hunt though, at Oddment.

Resizing my hair from elikatira was very easy. I find most of my hairs resize well. I haven’t yet tried resizing outfits or shoes yet. I have too many cute petite outfits to use first, and I like not having to wear shoes. Fairys don’t need em! When you can fly, shoes are about as important as gloves. Totally optional. 😀

Avatar: Mynerva – Petite – Light Drow (eyes included)

Outfit: Bare Rose – Petite Black Caster

Hair: elikatira – Early

Poses: Eternal Dream Poses – Piece Of Sun


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