Dare Designs at Fashion For Life


Today I’ve got the outfits you’ll find in the FFL donation vendors at the Dare Designs stall. All the outfits come with multiple wear options, more than I’ve shown here. They are also trans, so easily giftable. Above is the DDC Fall/winter set, it includes five tops and four undies variations.

My skin is Loushaa from Inaya. The skin comes with or without hairbase and a open or closed lips option. Her face is natural with some light blush and a cateye. I’ve also worn lip jelle from Mock. The Eva Wavy hairstyle is one of Pocket Mirrors recent releases.

Dark December is my favorites here. It has lovely lingerie with optional corset and a dress with four skirt styles in short or long, open or closed. The dress can be worn with or without the sleeved shirt.

Ophelia would make a nice burlesque or cancan outfit, with the open skirt option that shows lots of leg. It can also be worn as a closed skirt or just lingerie.

This skimpy shorts and top set Joliette includes an even skimpier undies set!

Even more scandalous is the latex Scorch. Lots of mix and match options here with cuffs, collar, stockings and suspenders, corset, gloves, jacket and bra. I noticed that Sonya Marmurek blogged this today and it looks amazing on her!

Carmine’s color makes it a great suit for St Patricks day. Last here is Sunday Afternoon, the FFL hunt gift which can be found at the shop.


Outfits: Dare Designs @ FFL Dreamseeker Epoque sim

Shoes: HOC Industries – Platform Pumps

Lips: [mock] Seal Brown Lip Jelle

Hair: **Pocket Mirrors** Eva Wavy Black

Skin: [inaya] Skin – Loushaa (Teinte Cadiz)  HB

Eyes: .ID. Summertime Reflections – DBrown/The Woods


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