On My Knees


Alter ego recently had a complete redesign of the shop and celebrated with a grand opening party. There was a sale too but they are always quick so you gotta be fast! My top, pants, and lipstick are all pieces from the shop. My pose is from Exposeur who is having a 50L sale on pose packs and a half off sale on pose props. With Adorkable and Glitterati also having pose sales how do they expect us to have room for pose fair?! I’m sure I’ll find some space somewhere.

I’ve been battling a skin texture bug which tints my upper body white and my legs grey, thankfully clothing layers and face are unaffected.  So far my best fixes have been photo editing tools (there are a bunch of great easy to use online ones too) or mesh avatars. So…my avatar is on her knees praying to the SL gods. Will she ever get to wear shorts again? On the up side, mesh avatars are only getting more awesome every day. And I’m sure it will sort itself out eventually, this isn’t the first time SL has thrown a crazy bug at me.

Hair: Red Mint

Skin: Mynerva

Top: Alter Ego

Pants: Alter Ego

Lipstick: Alter Ego

Pose: Exposeur (sluicide girls group gift, 25L join fee)


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