Modulor Space Cadets


My friend Cel and I went for a visit to Doomed Ship. I’m the robot and she’s the leggy one. Her short skirt uniform with no pants and all that leg reminded me of Zapp Brannigan from Futurama. I guess that makes me Kif.

These outfits are from a shop I hadn’t seen before. Modulor has a small selection of very nicely done mesh items. Some dresses, shirts and the first mesh tears I’ve seen. We got the gift and decided we were very cute, so we went to Doomed Ship and stood near the entryway for some pics. It turned out to be an elevator but I don’t think we got in anyone’s way. Somehow I don’t think these uniforms fit the gritty feel of the sim very well, but it’s still an awesome place for a sci-fi background.

Credits –

Outfit: =Modulor=Renpou Uniform(blue) (free)

Shoes: N-core COQUETTE Platform “Turquoise” (mimi’s choice womenstuff hunt gift)

Skin: Nomine Android Skin Female – silver

Eyes: Nomine Android Eyes – white orb

Poses: Oracul, Glitterati

Location: Doomed Ship (RP Area)

Cel (Braf Flannagin) is wearing skin by LAQ – Lacie 01 Milky and hair by Magika. Shape is Minuet from Romi Skin, eyes from LLP neo – doll eye in grey and Chablis Sandals from Indrya Originals.


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