In the Arena!


Looking at my blog you can barely tell my avy is supposed to be an orc. I just love changing my skin and shape so much, but it’s true! The new barbed wire jewelry set inspired me to get back to my roots. Not just anyone can handle a barbed wire necklace but my thick skinned warrior can take it. I took her down to an arena on a pretty neat roman styled sim. Okay so she’s not in a real arena fight here, she’s just swinging her axe around and practicing her victory speech. I did think about learning to photoshop in blood, but practice is a much better excuse for the lack of gore. 🙂

The barbed wire set comes with two bangles, earrings and a necklace. There are gold, silver and dark silver versions with different colored enamel for each. The necklace comes with two razor blade pendants. They are sold as a set for 399L per a color inword and on marketplace or seperately in world only. The inworld shop is neat cause it has a rezzer that shows the jewelry, larger than life. You’ll always get to see exactly what you’re getting.

I won this lipstick in a little contest yay :> This color matches my skin so perfectly you’d think it was part of it, but the actual lips on this skin are much more ruddy. It is part of a recent release by Mock, L’eau Glosses, and this is the wildest set of lips she has come up with yet. Nearly 40 colors with plenty of blues, greens and purples. The fatpack is 999L and they are 55L each. Also a skin sale started today at mock. There are five skins and each skin pack comes with two tones (pale or tan), cleavage option, hairbase option and tattoo hairbases for 59L a pack.

Bare Rose is awesome as always. This set of armor came with two axes and four skirt colors. I love that even the boots have little axe blades on them. It also comes with a helm/facemak which I thought was a bit silly. 🙂 It’s currently on the new release towers for 170L in male or female versions. The face piercing is from ellabella, just 125L and includes a great retexturing HUD with lots of option. I modded it to take away a few of the studs for a simpler look. As I was rezzing in the shop to check the price I saw the hunt gift poster for zombie popcorn, good news it looks great and it’s free…bad news we have to wait till the 15th. There’s another hunt gift at the shop though and its very easy to find, look for a giant magnifying glass!

Credits –

Hair: Emotions – REBEL (modded a bit)

Hairbase: LOQ – Shaved Hairbase (this was included with a hairstyle)

Skin: Red Mint –  PRIME (FRK) ~ goblinSKIN

Eyes: Ibanez –  Ltd Edition Natural Eyes – Blue

Lipgloss: Mock – L’eau Rainforest

Jewelry: Jamman Jewels – Barbewire Dark Silver and Blue Set ty!

Piercings: .:ellabella:. – Vibes

Outfit: Bare Rose – Battle Axe Lady

Poses: Diesel Works


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