Dolly Vamp – FTLO Halloween Event


I was lucky my friend Boone was hanging around so I could get these cute vampire shots. The look on his face seems to say “Eee get away!” but like he’s too polite to really say it outloud. I found the place where I got the pose from during the Unknown hunt and it’s a little store but has lots of cute poses for a low price, about 12L a pose or 50L group poses. Besides that, another thing I like about it is that the couple poses have an option for built in animations. And it isn’t a quick animation that fades, it stays put so I don’t have to change settings or use freezeframe. Just a nice little extra. There are also regular poseballs included without an expression.

The FTLO Halloween event started and they have a shop area where items are sold for 100L each. Below that is a simwide hunt with around 40 gifts hidden in little cookie bats. Each vendor made a male and female item and put one for sale and one as a freebie in the hunt. Finally guys get a break, as mostly its the female items for sale and the guy items as hunt rewards though there are some unisex and female items in the hunt too. If you don’t know how to get to the hunt area, take my surl at the bottom to the shop area. In the center is a giant version of the hunt item, with the first gift and a landmark to the hunt area inside.

Even if you have to pay ladies, 100L is still a deal! 🙂 I got this balljoined vampire doll avatar by TSG. It includes a regular and cleavage skin, a shape, a rosy body tattoo and two ear styles elf or human. The eyes blink and I think it’s a nice creepy effect. But not as creepy as those Blythe dolls… they terrify me. Lucky BOYS you can find the male version of this avatar in the hunt! The bats are tiny but the hunt wasn’t too hard, the scenery is all white snow so mostly they stand out against the background.

The background is also a gift from mbm at the FTLO hunt. Fullperm cloth textures for builders but it made a fine wallpaper for my shot too! Cute little skullys in different colors and styles. My jewelry is all from Bewildebeest, I imagine the pendant on the necklace could be a tiny doll key. Maybe for a windup vampire bat? Though the pieces are all from different sets the ruby jewel texture is consistent so they go together very well.

The dress and hair were last years’ halloween gifts from LeLutka. Will they have another awesome gift out this halloween? I hope so!

Credits –
Hair: [LeLutka]-CLAUDIA hair – BlueNight (old gift)
Dress: [LeLutka]-CLAUDIA gown (old gift)
Avatar: The Sugar Garden BJD Spoiled Vampire Princess 100L @FTLO shop
Bindi: .( bewildebeest ). Bindi 1 – Silver – ruby
Necklace: .( bewildebeest ). The Key to It All (silver) ruby
Ring: .( bewildebeest ). Tarnished Silver Ring (ruby)
Wallpaper: mbm – skull fabrics (free) @FTLO hunt
Couple Pose:(50L) shop o.O
Single Pose: Adorkable

Boone is wearing:
Hair – PE Harrison
Skin – Belleza
Shape – Body Doubles
Glasses – Gas Light Emporium
Outfit – SF Design
Shoes – by Doc Wrangler


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