Fantasy Faire – Quixote’s Dream – Colossi Golem


For Fantasy Faire Quixote’s Dream (on Lumenaria direct surl here) has released Golem avatars. Sold as both a regular avatar and also as Colossi: a rigged mesh giant which includes 2x (16 feet) or 3x (22 feet) versions. Here I’m wearing the 3x form and playing with a petite I’ve found in my cave (dragonspire).

Included are two HUDS. One to control expressons (happy, neutral, unhappy), hands (choose from four hand poses), glow, shine, and a variety of alpha options to hide parts such as ears or lower legs. The other HUD handles tinting which allows you to quickly tint skin, toe or fingernails to any color. The full outfit is provided, and the gem eyes have 20 textures to choose from using a touch menu.

If you would like to customize your Golem even more, everything is mod and works with the default SL skin and clothing textures. There are also free clothing templates available. So it’s easy to create custom skins and clothing just by dropping the textures you would like to use onto the mesh.


Avatar and Outfit: Quixote’s Dream Colossi 3.0 Golem

My petite friend is wearing an outfit from Bare Rose.

Location: Dragonspire @ Fantasy Faire


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