Cosmetic Fair Before and Afters


I love tattoo makeup! Often glossy and glittery, two of my favorite traits for anything and so many colors. I also enjoy how layering, mixing and matching can create a unique look. The way makeup can transform a skin to something new, for a lower price than buying a whole new skin and without having to retint feet :p. Cosmetic Fair lasts till April 30th with 28 creators and every booth had something I wanted. When I saw Ekilem’s picture on Flickr with Before and Afters I wanted to do the same sort of thing. So using cosmetic fair items I gave myself eight new looks with the goal of using five tattoo layers each, which is kind of crazy but a lot of fun. It’s not just makeup at cosmetic fair, there are moles, eyebrows, lip parting alpha layers, freckles, nails (regular and slink avatar enhancement) and more.

So on the left is a basic look. Then I started adding layers!

Hair: Magika – Awake
Skin: Pink Fuel – Alyx
Eyes: ROZENA ~Twinkle Eyes~deep blue @ Cosmetics Fair
Eyelashes: -16- Elemental *REDGRAVE*
Scarf: *BOOM* Perky Bowkerchief short -carnation shine-
Look 1:
ROZENA ~Baby gloss v2~ citrus
MONS / Makeups – Smokey Eyeshadow – gold
Shakeup! Cosmetics [eyeliner101]
Double Moles – Monroe Left + Medium Under Eye Right

Look 2:
Dead Apples: Tintable – Paumette Blush III
[Kooqla] Spaghetti eyeliner 03
Paperbag. GoGo Liner
Blacklace Beauty Visage – Wings of Love
*BOOM* Glossy Eyes top and bottom

Next I went for some bright primarys.

Look 3:
Pink Acid Deja Lip Gloss & Teeth – Moss Green
Pink Acid Natural Beauty Beauty Mark Mole Only
+Nuuna+ Lyre makeup Green
Essences – Waterproof Cream Eyeshadow 03
Paperbag. Thick Black Brows
Look 4:
Dead Apples – Mouth Alpha – XII
Pink Acid Silk Lips & Teeth Deep – Sky
Eskimo Fashion – Archie’s Freckles – Red – 58.5%
.Pekka. Metalic under eyeliner – Dark Blue
MONS / Makeups – Amazon Eyeshadow – party
Eskimo Fashion – A Woman’s Touch Eyebrows – Black (up 4)
Look 5:
elymode: makeup – heavy liner 4/13 – red
Shakeup!Cosmetics – Sessie Lipgloss Ombre [L162]
*BOOM* Caked and Spilled Powder (red)
[theSkinnery] Running mascara-long iritated
Shakeup! Cosmetics [eyeliner104]

And finally even more wild. =D

Look 6:
Dead Apples – Mouth Alpha – I
La Malvada Mujer -The way of shadow #1
+Nuuna+ Rinn makeup Violet 70
Action Laque Lips Oil
LXB – kim brows black v2 darker
Dead Apples – Single Mole – Big Right Jaw
Look 7:
Pink Acid Cupcake Lip Glaze Gloss V2 – Tangerine
La Malvada Mujer – Geometria #2 [lips]
elymode: makeup – confetti-ish bold – red
[Kooqla] Little Dragon 02
+Nuuna+ makeups v12 2 (tintable) ORANGE
Look 8:
Dead Apples – Mouth Alpha – I
Pink Acid Make Your Own Razor Blush -Tintable – 2
*BOOM* Have you been crying undereyes  (med)
~Oceane~ Dee Cat Full Makeup Red
[theSkinnery]Pencil brows-bitchy
La Malvada Mujer – Geometria #1 [lips]


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