Mirror’s Enigma – Medow – Skin Fair 2013


Mirror’s Enigma (sim 2 at Skin Fair) gives us Medow in six tones as a skin fair exclusive. Each tone comes with five makeup options, eyes, tango appliers in regular or cleavage, a mod shape prefit to xxs standard size, 3 brow colors and a no brows option and cleavage or regular. All skin options are directly on the skins, freeing up tattoo slots for other things. Skins can be bought alone for just 350L or as a fatpack of all 5 makeups for 1,200L. My hair is from the goth round of Genre which is still going on.

All skin tones share 4 makeups, the darker fantasy skins get white brows and a special phoenix makeup while the lighter pantone skins come with a blonde brows option and a special mint makeup. Below I’ve shown the special makeups to the left, black brows on top and the no brows option on bottom. I really like the eyebrow options with these, blonde brows don’t really work with darker tones but white brows are awesome. Perfect for drows, but since there are many colors you aren’t locked into using it as a drow skin.

Credits –
Skin: Mirror’s Enigma – [:ME:] Medow (sim 2 at Skin Fair)
Eyes: Mirror’s Enigma – [:ME:] Cursed Elemental
Hair: Point B – jenova @ Genre goth round
Outfit: Bare Rose – Self Control


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