Tennis Time!


At Fluid, Motionless has the TouchDown pose prop which includes a football field and bleachers with catch and tackle pose balls on the field and an excited crowd in the stands. The single poses are also given along of the prop to use on their own. Here I’m using the catch, tackle and one of the crowd poses along with a tennis set from a gacha at Ribbon. My hair is from Ohmai at hair fair, and the eyes from Rozena are a hunt gift avaliable till the end of July.


Poses: Motionless “TouchDown” @ Fluid (150L)

Outfit + Racket: *RibboN* Costume play ( Tennis) (gacha item)

Hair: !Ohmai : Chloe [Kissed a Vampire] @ Hair Fair

Shoes: HOC Industries – Bolts II

Skin: *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Twiggy base (Burly)

Eyes: ROZENA ~Real Black Eye~ m (TCH hunt gift)

Location: TT Enterprises


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