Handverk w/ 2 Jewelry Deals + Bilo Group Gift Skin


Handverk is participating in both Stumblebum with the Loxodromic Jewelry Set and a new event, Limited Bazaar where 100 copies of the Gold Hammered Metal Sets will be sold for the reduced price of 150L. Here I’m wearing the Loxodromic Jewelry Set in burnished buff/gold.

Bilo’s gift skin Pixie is the Nasreen skin preview and is at the Bilo main store for group members. The group has a 50L join fee. Nasreen has been fully released now so if you love the preview you don’t have to wait. The Leverocci Chloe hair is one of the new releases at Hair Fair and comes in an essentials variety pack, yay! My eyes are the 10L Seraphim hunt gift at Rozena.

Here are the five colors for Stumblebum, they are 25 percent off till the end of the month and each comes in silver and gold. The landmark sent out to the stumblebum group was an old one so use the new surl to get to Handverk’s shop.

Limited Bazaar is put on by Euphoria, there are items for males and females, skins, jewelry, poses and hair. Handverk offers an earrings and ring set of hammered gold plates and teal beads.


Jewelry1:[HANDverk]Loxodromic Jewelry Set.burnished buff/gold @ mainshop for stumblebum

Jewelry 2: [HANDverk]Hammered Metal Gold @ Limited Bazaar

Skin: Bilo Group Gift- Pixie (Nasreen Skin Preview) Eyes:

ROZENA ~Beads Eyes~ light grey (l) (hunt gift)

Top: *G Field* Silky Blouse “Charlotte” Tops(sleeveless) -white-

Hair: Leverocci – Chloe_GoldenBrown @ Hair Fair

Jeans: Gryphonwing


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