*MiuMIn* Kimono Angel at The Gallery Giftshop


MiuMIn at The Gallery Giftshop has an Angelic floaty white kimono that comes with a feather headdress and shoes too. Little angel wings are attached at the back, and when the skirt moves feathers layered with the fabric swirl around.


Kimono Outfit: *MiuMIn* Kimono-Angel [White] @ TGG

Lipstick: KOSH- GLOSSY LIPS -silver-

Eyeliner1: *BOOM* Liquid Glaze Silver

Eyeliner2: Raven~Mynerva

Eyeshadow1: *BOOM* Hard Candy (licorice)

Eyeshadow2: [mock]Dim Grey Indifference

Hair: [ 69 ] AGGY – Light Silver

Skin: bodyline – Uzuri

Eyes: .{Rue}. Eye’d/Nereid: Silver, medium


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