Lady In Red (Geometry, Red Mint, Maxi Gossamer, Ploom, lassitude & ennui)


Geometry’s Chic dress for the chic² event is lovely from the front but amazing in the back. The dress is a halter with strands of pearls draped across the back. So fancy you don’t even need to wear a necklace! Not that I would let that stop me. I went with some of my favorite pearly jewelry from Maxi Gossamer to match the dress. The Maia earrings and necklace set, the Liliane hip belt and the Roho ring.

There is a new skinline “Rot” at red Mint, who is one of the few (only?) places that releases a green tone along with new releases of human tones. So of course I love it! There are five base makeups, and an addon pack with lip and cleavage tattoos. I’ll do a post covering all the details soon. Also included in the skin pack are the nails I’m wearing with silvery black polish.

My hair is also a new release, Flint from Ploom. It’s rigged mesh and the hair texture HUD also controls the hairbands. There are two sizes included, low and high. I love that Ploom offers a mini fatpack, a mix of colors in a small pack slightly more expensive than a normal color pack. Ploom is part of the mesh around hunt, so are Geometry and Maxi Gossamer for that matter! All with great prizes, the hunt ends June 15th.

My shoes are from lassitude & ennui and come in a rigged version with a full mesh foot or in an unrigged version with just the toes. These aren’t new but I just got em and they are great. If you request them, you can have the skin textures too, for editing in photoshop for a perfect color match in all lightings and viewers. With inworld tinting, no matter how close you get, some people are gonna see “frankenfeet” depending on their settings. That’s why I love that this option is avalible. Few places are willing to sell mod shoes, and even less will give the skin textures out.

I love closeups!

Credits –

Dress: <Geometry> Chic > Red > XS (chic²)

Hair: .ploom. Flint (new)

Skin: ( r )M ~ (1) R O T ~ goblinSKIN (w. hairBase) (new)

Lips: ( r )M ~ (2) R O T ~ Lips  ~ goblinSKIN (new)

Nails: (r) M ~ No.11 ~ M a n i c u r e (included with skin pack)

Liner1 *BOOM* Liquid Glaze Red

Liner2:*BOOM* Love my eyes

Ears: *~*Illusions*~* Fairy Ears

Earrings + Necklace:  Maxi Gossamer – Maia – GOLD – White Pearls

Belt: Maxi Gossamer – Hip Belt  – Liliane – Curvy – WPearls – GOLD

Ring: Maxi Gossamer – RING – Roho – Small

Shoes: lassitude & ennui – (Rigged mesh) Boudoir  mules black

Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Sunfire, w2)

Lashes: MG – Eyelashes – Wild Full Thick

Poses: LAP + Bang

P.S. Orc’s PS tip (that everyone already knew but her) of the day: One of the options on the eraser tool is “Back ground Eraser”. Pretty nice!


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