Bilo’s Manal is a classy and sophisticated dress much too fancy for stumbling around early mornings with coffee in hand as my avatar is doing. But by the looks of her house she’s loaded and doesn’t care what she spills coffee on.

Here are front and back shots of  The Dome from reBourne, showcased at the Home and Garden Expo. Today is the last day of the Home and Garden Expo so go visit one last time if there’s anything you’ve missed! The Dome is sold unfurnished or furnished and includes features like window tinting, lights control and a texture change skybox.

Time for closeups! The [HANDverk ] Strand necklace and bracelets sets come in four bright color combos for the Stumblebum Color Block theme. They are still at the stumblebum reduced price but not for much longer. Both of my makeups are from Shakeup! Cosmetics, the Dolce Eyeshadow comes in a pack of 12 multicolor eyes and the Lara lips come in 21 colors with closed mouth and two teeth options for each. The Mayfly Liquid Light eyes in Early Autumn were just a perfect match for my outfit.

My hair is Exile’s latest at the Dressing Room Blue. I’ve tinted it a bit oranger to match a certain someone I’m trying to emulate. The candy colored Waterworks Aviators were a great match for my strand jewelry, I only had to decide on pink or yellow.


Lips: Shakeup! Lara Lipstick [Fulvous]

Eyeshadow: Shakeup! Cosmetics – Dolce Eye Makeup [01]

Shoes: *GF* Strap Shoes “Alex” -patent:yellow(Tstrap)- (tinted)

Hai: ::Exile:: Late at Night:Sear (TDR Blue)

Dress: Bilo- Manal  XXS (Chlorine)

Eyes: Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eye (Early Autumn, w2)

Glasses:Waterworks – Aviators, Yellow

Jewelry: [HANDverk]Strand Bracelet.psychotic pink. +  [HANDverk]Strand Necklace.psychotic pink.chest

Skin: Mynerva~Milena Cream Breast 2 Frecs

House:  reBourne – The Dome

Poses: Glitterati – Coffee


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