Orc’s H&G Expo Megapost Part 4 (The Garden)


Envision’s King of the Grill, Elite Version allows two cooks at once, one at the cutting board and the other at the grill. Touching the knife or spatula will give a wearable version. Touching the plates will give a choice of meats and silverware.

It also gives drinks of course. 🙂 It has animated steam and fire and a rez system for all the food prims and plates. Rez it all out for your party and derez to save on prims when the guests have gone.

Barnesworth Anubis’ catalina cabana and furniture pack are sold seperately and the chandelier lights turn on and off by touch.

BagLady Design has a few items I’d like to show. The Granny’s Garden Shed, Granny’s Well, Country Table and Chairs, Tree Of Herbs, Unconventional Storage (stacked boxes) and Recycled (a cute little wagon full of bottles, cans and coins).

The Kabuki ~ Spring Bench and Umbrella comes with poses for singles, friends and lovers. Here I’m showing off a few, one thing I love about these poses is that the books, popcorn and laptop props all rez when you select the pose instead of needing to be attached.

I’ve used some textures from Zwicked Textures as my background and floor. The textures are supposed to be for carpet, leather and fabric but I’ve put them on a giant wall. The result is…well…there is a reason why I’m a blogger and leave building to those with the skill for it. The textures are all seamless and besides the 3 RFL packs, 50% of all sales made at the Zwicked expo shop will also be donated.

Almost looks like a fashion blog again! 🙂

And here I’ve built a little room for this chair, “The Emperor’s Throne” from Alchemy Immortalis. I just didn’t have a place in my home for it but I really wanted to show it off! The pattern is based off the Blue Willow pattern usually found on china. It comes with 8 single sits and 4 couples animatios. It also rezzes pillow in the correct place according to what sit is used, and gives out tea.

Visit the official Home&Garden Expo blog for shop locations.

Avatar Credits:

Bodypaint: [H] Guinevere White Body Paint [BODY ONLY]

Eyeliner: [UMEBOSHI]  Kuro Eyeliner+ Upper Lash+Waterline (Tintable) @ TGG

Eyeshadow: [UMEBOSHI]  Kuro Smoky Eyeshadow -Black- @ TGG

Lipgloss: [mock]Clear Gloss [one size fits most]

Ears: *~*Illusions*~* Seelie Ears:

Dress: 22769 ~ [femme] draped dress beach S @ TGG

Hair: booN UII117 hair black RIGGED MESH

Bracelets: DDD_Milkcrown bracelet_Metal_L(c) +_Water_R(c) @ TGG

Eyes:Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eye (Light Grey, w2)

Feet: Slink Mesh Feet S (Rigged)

Lashes: [ #7 ] Individually Primmed LASHES M/C @ TGG

Skin: .{Rue}. Skin’d/Anima Damu: Bare (NBr/NFr/Sm)


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