Orc’s H&G Expo Megapost Part 2 (The Beach 2)


The Alchemy Immortalis – Chinese Peace Lantern Rezzer is one of the neatest things I have seen. From a single rezzed lamp, a circle of unlit lamps appears one by one, lighting after a moment and floating slowly up into the air. Because they begin their rise one by one, a spiral pattern is created. The lamps are temporary and physical, if you run into them you can knock them off their path and if you set the lantern on a hill the perfect spiral will be altered. I like this ability to interact with the lamps. Touching the rezzer lamp will turn lantern launching on and off.

The Alchemy Immortalis shop build at the expo is impressive. A path leads up towering black rocks and at the summit there is a lantern which will launch for a donation. A lovely, peaceful spot. Alchemy Immortalis also has an armchair RFL item, that I’ll be showing in part 3 or 4. :p

The <!WorN?> Moonflounder comes in vertical or horizontal versions, each with 3 built in poses. The flounder is glowy, with a realistic moon texture. He flaps his flippers and wiggles his tail in small subtle movements. Little bubbles or stars float out of his mouth and a glowy ring surrounds him, circling round and round. I always thought flounders were quite creepy with their two silly eyes on one side of the body, but this moonflounder hits just the right mark of creepy, beautiful and awesome. I imagine he is some sort of Fish God, he will eat you need a smiting but if you’re a friend go ahead and hang out.

Don’t eat me!

I got my friend Fox to help me out with the horizontal fish poses. I put koi fish from the .:buddhabeats:. Koi Pond in the water too. The fish have great textures and swim around realistically.

The cuddle pose is quite sweet.

The .:buddhabeats:. Koi Pond has a beautifully animated water texture of gentle rolling waves created by the circling fish. The koi are very detailed both in the shape and the texture. I want some giant ones to show them off more! There are three patterns and the little school of koi is included seperately in the package so you can fill your pond with as many fish as seems safe.

More H&G Expo coming soon in post 3…!

Home and Garden Expo items (visit the official Home&Garden Expo blog for shop locations):

<!WorN?> Moonflounder (vertical), the celestial dreamfish

Alchemy Immortalis – Chinese Peace Lantern Rezzer

.:buddhabeats:. Koi Pond

Avatar Credits:

Bodypaint: [H] Guinevere White Body Paint [BODY ONLY]

Eyeliner: [UMEBOSHI]  Kuro Eyeliner+ Upper Lash+Waterline (Tintable) @ TGG

Eyeshadow: [UMEBOSHI]  Kuro Smoky Eyeshadow -Black- @ TGG

Lipgloss: [mock]Clear Gloss [one size fits most]

Ears: *~*Illusions*~* Seelie Ears:

Dress: 22769 ~ [femme] draped dress beach S @ TGG

Hair: booN UII117 hair black RIGGED MESH

Bracelets: DDD_Milkcrown bracelet_Metal_L(c) +_Water_R(c) @ TGG

Eyes:Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eye (Light Grey, w2)

Feet: Slink Mesh Feet S (Rigged)

Lashes: [ #7 ] Individually Primmed LASHES M/C @ TGG

Skin: .{Rue}. Skin’d/Anima Damu: Bare (NBr/NFr/Sm)


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