Orc Visits the Gallery Gift Shop May


I love the Gallery Gift Shop! Look at some lovely art, bring some home, and pick up a gift or two for a friend as well. I’ve said it before but I really enjoy art in Second Life. In a way, everything in SL is a sort of art. Everything is handmade, but there is still something special about a virtual canvas, a framed work of art or a statue that I can’t explain. Around the building and garden there are art pieces, many are for sale and not expensive at all, from 0-100L. The items for sale in the gift shop are reduced price and transfer. It’s also a nice opportunity to get a transfer item from shops that usually don’t offer them.

My dress, lashes and eyeshadow here are all from The Gallery Gift Shop. The Elora II dress is by Evie’s Closet and includes the wings and an armband (which I forgot to wear). Not only that, but it turns out I was only wearing the underskirt for these photos, so the bodice has an extra detail of ruffles attached to the overskirt that isn’t shown here! 🙂  By the way, there is a marketplace sale going on for Evie’s Closet petite dresses.

The eyeshadow and liner are both from [UMEBOSHI] and are included in a pack of six colors of shadow and two eyeliners. A nice touch with this set is the inclusion of 2 extra copy/no trans eyeliners which are tintable while the rest of the set is transfer including the two eyeliners. So if you end up gifting this to a friend you’ll still get to have a little something for yourself.

I’m wearing two of the three lashes currently for sale by [ #7 ]. If you want to see these inworld, the vendors actually have the lashes rezzed on their faces, so that’s quite a neat way to preview them. The Individually Primmed lashes are just that, each lash is a single piece, so you have maximum control on the shape and can adjust each prim to perfect placement with patience. Though I didn’t need to adjust these for my eyes, and wearing a bit of eyeliner and shadow can help too. The other set of lashes are much fancier, not every day lashes but something that really stands out. The Laced lashes are floaty white and black curlyque lines, almost like stylized smoke or vines. A perfect fit with the vines on the collar of the Elora dress I think.

The amazing building I’m using as a set is from *~ by Nacht, it’s one of the exclusives for World Goth Fair which is running till the end of the month. A cortyard lined with archways and columns, some of them broken and crumbling with a fountain in the center that has a giant spiderweb. To find a direct surl to the shop check out the WGF blog  here .


Decor: *~ by Nacht ~ The Cloisters ~ WGD exclusive @ World Goth Fair 

Dress: Elora II  @ TGG 150L

Liner: [UMEBOSHI]  Kuro Eyeliner+ Upper Lash+Waterline (Tintable) @ TGG  100L set

Eyeshadow: [UMEBOSHI]  Kuro Smoky Eyeshadow -Black-  @ TGG  100L set

Lash1: [ #7 ] Individually Primmed LASHES @ TGG  49L

Lash2: [ #7 ] Laced LASHES @ TGG  dollarbie!

Hair: ICON Hair Base_Jetblack

Ears: *~*Illusions*~* Seelie Ears

Nails: Chus! Royal Dolly Nails  (free gift in the new dolly room)

Eyes: Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eye (Sapphire Night, w2)

Horns: [europa] Maelus horns CHARCOAL

Skin: . Skin’d/Anima Damu: Bare (NBr/NFr/Sm)


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