Nomine: 100L Sale and Ltd Edition Dress Loki


Nomine is having a big 100L sale! Skins, fantasy avatars, outfits, eyeshadow and lipstick packs, facepaints, tattoos and eyes. Almost everything just 100L, except fatpacks and the limited edition Loki gowns of course. Loki comes in six colors and only 12 of each color will be sold. I had a lot of fun posing with two friends for these pics! If you’d like to see their awesome Loki posts, check out Ely’s blog post on Sium and Sonya’s blog post on Astalianda.

Loki isn’t just a gown, it’s a full avatar package. Besides the clothing, it includes a fatpack of hair in two styles (down or high pony), eyes and a tattooed skin with matching notched elf ears. For those that prefer to use their own skins, the tattoo and makeup come seperately as well. The dress itself comes with a full set of lingerie, boots, a catsuit, a belted strip skirt, a corset, gloves, 3 styles of horned helms, chest armor and two cape styles. All that *and* a wicked looking bladed staff to smite your foes with.

I’m wearing the full avatar and doubled up on the tattoo to make it stand out more. My hair is one of those included in the package, and Sonya is wearing the other style . We each picked a color and a different helm style, Sonya with the epic cape and Ely with her wings on. The stage we are on is a beautiful mesh prop by Khyle Sion. The draping fabric is texture change and the hanging lamps glow softly.

With all the options there are tons of ways to style this outfit, and with the hair fatpacks and skin the 1200L price is a steal. This gown will only be on sale till the next limited edition gown is ready, so if you plan on getting Loki don’t wait too long.

Credits –

Outfit: Nomine Loki Gown – Beryl 3

Hair: Nomine Loki Hair Ponytail/black carbon

Skin: Nomine Loki Skin Ghost – Beryl

Eyes: Nomine Loki Eyes – Beryl

Stage: Dancer’s Triad – L – A Mesh Product by Khyle Sion

Poses: bang, glitterati, olive juice

edit! I almost for got to add my blingee. I just had so much fun with those two. I had to do something really special. :p


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