Fantasy Faire: Studio Sidhe – Fish and Bird


As the saying goes, a fish can fall in love with a bird, but where would they build their nest?

Well this fish can grow legs. It’s possible there will be a few other compatability issues…paying half the rent when you take up 1/4th of the space is bound to cause some resentment, but you know what? Love conqures all.

I have two poses to show from Studio Sidhe, both are in the donation vendors at fantasy faire. The first is a couples pose, Not Quite Cupid, for a regular avatar and a petite. The larger one is walking along with a petite on her shoulders and turns to listen to something whispered. This is an adorable pose and I’m so glad that AineMari Flanagan offered to help me with the photo. She has a shop at fantasy faire too, MacMoragh and Muse on the Tides sim. It was just luck that she was dressed in the newest petites release from Fallen Gods with a feathered skin, but I like the story it tells when paired with my mermaid. Her wings are also from Fantasy Faire, one of Vaengi’s special RFL colors.

Under the waters of Siren’s Secret there is a wrecked ship. A chest half sunk in the sand holds amazing treasure, a pearl the size of your head.

My mermaid has found this forgotten cache, and is transfixed by the pearl. She swims around excited, doing flips and twirls but never taking her eyes off of it. The second pose I have from Studio Sidhe is “Mermaid Pearl Diving”. This pose is made for mers and reminds me of some sort of underwater ballet, bending over backwards, gracefully reaching out to a large pearl.

My mermaid parts, the blue scales and fins are from Nixiesystems. My favorite part of this set are the chest scales, I wanted a top that I could wear with my necklace and I wanted it to match my green skin and parrot wings and this was perfect. NiXiE mer sets come with two top styles, legs options, eyes and even an AO. All that for just 150L a set.

The ambrosia necklace from Zibska has 4 areas that can be recolored with 9 textures to choose from. My wings are another of the colors included in the pack from europa. I don’t think wings would really work all that well underwater but who knows!

In the background, the Bull Kelp set from Cerridwen’s Cauldron is shown. I blogged about it in my previous post here. The whole sim is just gorgeous and there are only a few more days to visit.

Pose 2: :+:SS:+: Not Quite Cupid – Human with Petite Pose (200L) @Fantasy Faire

Pose 2: :+:SS:+: Mermaid Pearl Diving (150L) @Fantasy Faire

Treasure Chest: Tekeli-li – A Starry Treasure Chest (Mesh) @Fantasy Faire (freebie)

Mer scales, tail and fins: Nixiesystems – Aqua NiXiE

Eyeshadow: M.O.C.K. Makeup Algae Sky (Eyeshadow only)

Eyeshadow2: [mock]Time Crash eShadow  [eye only]

Lips: [mock] L’eau Rainforest  Lip 2 Gloss [lip only]

Necklace: Zibska – Ambrosia Collar

Wings: [europa] Nyxus wings JUNGLE MADNESS alpha

hair: [elikatira] Abbey – tinted

Skin: .{Rue}. Skin’d/Anima Damu: Bare (NBr/NFr/Sm)

Eyes: Ibanez – AquaGlow Eyes – Blue Crab

The cute fairy on my shoulder is wearing:

Fallen gods Feathers Skin, Hair: Magika – Alyssa (B&W: Silver), Wings:(Vaengi) Angel Gabriel Wings, Tips, RFL Purple, and Breast cancer awerness Bikini from Yabu’s by angelina farslider.


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