Fantasy Faire: Tekeli-li, Cerridwen’s Cauldron


Visiting the Fantasy Faire’s nine sims, they are each so creative and beautiful, I can’t help but think what a shame it is that the sims will only be around for the duration of the faire. Lucky for us, several of the sim builders also have shops, including Elicio Ember (neat interview on the official blog here) who has Cerridwen’s Cauldron. I blogged about one of Cerridwen’s donation items (Beat-Jelly) in my previous post, and now I’m showing the other item you’ll find. If you want to see the Bull Kelp Set rezzed in world, it’s growing on the ocean floor all over the Siren’s Secret sim. If you want to take a bit of the sim home with you, the set is in the RFL vendor at Cerridwen’s Cauldron on Nu Orne. The Bull kelp set comes in long or short, wavy or straight stalk types with mirrored versions included. They have a deletable script which gives a menu for texture change kelp type, shimmer (this is a glowing animated bit in each ball) and plankton type. Yes, there is the option to have cute little particle shrimp, jellyfish, sea monkeys and more swim around each kelp.

My avatar is from Tekeli-li, a special color of Sailfish Mer only found at the Faire. There are male and female versions and they include everything. Skin, armor, shape (you can use your own if you like), eyes, fins, spear and even an adorable sailfish friend to swim along beside you. There is also a simple AO with unique animations. The mer avatars from Tekeli-li are based off real fish, and the swimming animation is too. The tail moves side to side, sort of like a shark’s instead of up and down like most mermaid AOs I’ve seen. The jewelry I’m wearing is Pectinidae, the second donation item from Tekeli-li. It’s unisex and comes with necklace, bracelets and earrings. If you are used to Tekeli-li’s texture options in their hairs, this set is no exception. There are dozens of texture choices, the leather, metal, shells and gems can all be customized. This set is mesh but unrigged and mod, so adjustments can be easily made if needed.

Tekeli-li also has two gifts at the faire, a wooden magic chest for decor and a pair of ankh earrings. The hairstyle I’m wearing is a dollarbie that can be found at the mainstore. Speaking of gifts, Cerridwen’s also has a gift, a mask for males and females. There are so many great gifts at the faire, if you have the time it’s really worth the wander. See the lovely sims, stare at all the awesome avatars people are wearing, grab the gifts and of course if you have the lindens, shop for a great cause.

For most faires in SL people try to deprim, get ugly and just attempt to shop without lagging. At Fantasy Faire everyone dresses to the nines in their fanciest get ups and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Even on the first days I wasn’t having any lag problems. I think spreading the faire over nine sims really helps this. So it can also be a fun place just to hangout and meet other fantasy lovers. Sort of like going to a convention in real life, I’ve met some nice people and we get to chatting about favorite fantasy books or sci-fi tv shows.

I adore both these shops and I thought it was pretty cool that their faire items fit together. I had so much fun swimming around Siren’s Secret and taking photos, I may have to convert a corner of my home to the ocean. 🙂 So I took a ton of pictures and ran out of things to say. Anyways, surls at the bottom!

Since the sims have landing points, you may need to open the map with the landmark, to see the red arrow pointing to the shop.

Hair: Tekeli-li – Abberation – Scripted Tentacle Hair (1L) @ mainstore

Jewlery: Tekeli-li – Pectinidae (100L)  @ Fantasy Faire

Avatar: Tekeli-li – Sailfish – Violet (750L) @ Fantasy Faire

Poses: Tekeli-li’s Mer-AO + Boom Pose fair gift

Plants:Cerridwen’s Cauldron – Bull Kelp Set (400L) @ Fantasy Faire


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