Fantasy Faire – Ni.ju, Sa-eela, Ibanez, Vaengi, Gauze, Wasabi Pills


Here I am on the amazing Shifting Sands sim showing off my slightly egyptian themed outfit. The Skadhi set from Sa-eela has two top types (PG and regular) and lots of jewelry including anklets, armbands, earrings, belly and forehead jewels.  My eyes are part of a special color pack from Ibanez and these horns are one of three colors you can find in ni.ju’s donation vendors. The beads and metal armor are texture change and there is also a simpler verson of the horns without beads, but including texture change horns themselves. I’m wearing hair that is part of the freebie low lag avatar pack and my legs are from Gauze, they are sold at the faire but can also be found in the main store. I’ve been looking for some new legs to match my europa wings and I’m really happy with these. The fur blending layer comes in two styles as socks or a full above the waist pants layer. There are also two styles of legs, regular faun packs or demon packs with spiky claws in certain places.

My wings are from Vaengi who has perfected iridescence, though the wings I’m wearing here are from the metals pack which is also neat. The wings are scripted and come with a HUD to control size, flapping speed, stiffness and more. The HUD allows you to choose seperately for flying and idle states. Also, every day the gift basket at the shop has a new set of gorgeous freebie wings.

Fantasy Faire sims have forced landing points. To find each shop you may have to open  the surl again, it will still give a red pointer.

Outfit: ~Sa-eela~ Skadhi @ Fantasy Faire

Eyes: Ibanez Eyes – Signature – Honey @ Fantasy Faire

Horns: [ni.Ju] Portmanteau . black  @ Fantasy Faire

Wings: (V) Angel Gabriel Wings, Metal, 01 ~ Vaengi @ Fantasy Faire

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Teeloh FEM Mesh Hair – FF2012 @ Fantasy Faire (freebie low lag avatar)

Legs: [Gauze] Faun  @ Fantasy Faire (not faire exclusive)

Eyeshadow: [mock]Stardust Shadow-Golden Peach [eye]

Skin: -Glam Affair – Amelie skin – Black Soul BL

Poses: oOo studio fluid four, indirect one @ Pose Fair


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