Fantasy Faire – Lupoaica, Nomine, HKK


Yay Fantasy Fair is open! This post is too big, I probably should have broken this into like 3 blogs but it’s too late now. Anyways, fantasy faire doesn’t last long we don’t have forever here! *head falls to desk in sleep*

Wait I mean…I have some stuff to show you first!

Lupoaica offers the Adorna hair for ladies and the Puck hair for guys. The hairs come with a HUD which is used to change hair colors. I mean…this one girl I know…a friend, see…she’s on the wrong side of 200k. So this sort of space saver is really great…for unfortunate people like that I guess. I wouldn’t know. It also controls streak and accessory colors if the style allows and you only need one HUD for all hairs.

Adorna is a loose piled updo flowing free down the back with a braid wrapped around the head. The hairstyle comes with detachable roses and the braid can be colored seperately from the rest of the hair using the streak HUD.

Puck is a shaggy style decorated with a few braids. The bands on the braids are texture change. The hairs come in colors from natural to bright and wild. I’m just showing a sample here. There are five color packs with five colors each, costing 200L. The fatpack is 800L.

My eyes are from Psst…Here Kitty, Kitty. The Hypnotize Eyes can be bought singly for 50L each or as a fatpack for 350L. The eyes are large and seem to glow supernaturally. An extra ring of color circles the iris, some subtle and others in contrast. Because I needed something to fill the 9th slot in my pic there you can see a closeup of the Jewelry set Tekeli-li has at the faire. The Pectindae Set comes with over 100 texture options, necklace, bracelets and earrings. I’ll blog it in full soon but if you want to visit the shop you’ll find it for just 100L here.

Nomine has a new limited edition gown out for the faire! This one includes undies, a dress with a slim or epicly big skirt, two glove styles, antlers and an entire fatpack of hair. The dress is covered in prim rose accents on the gloves and corset and a crown of roses sits on the head, fitting perfectly with the hairstyle. The corset worn with the chest and waist roses looks amazing all on it’s own for mixing and matching with other outfits. These sets cost 1200L, there are six colors and only 12 of each color will be sold.

I didn’t notice that I wasn’t wearing the chest roses after I took all my romeo and juliet poses. So…you can see that it looks good with or without the extras! I also forgot to take pics of the fancy lace jacket that can be worn on top (or alone if you want to be scandalous), but trust me it’s pretty.

The undies sets include bra, stockings, panty and garters. As always from Nomine, everything is included on every possible layer including tattoo. The items in the RFL vendors at Nomine are a special teal version of the Persephone wedding gown for 1000L (previously blogged here) and a purple version of the adorable Catherine dress from the jailbait line (previously blogged here).

Just some close up details of the set.

And a goodnight kiss. ❤

By the way! Wear Gray is ending very, very soon. Both of my skins here can be found in Rue’s donation vendors.

Credits –

SURLS for Fantasy Faire items are all above, each sim has a landing point but the surl will still give you the red arrow to the correct location.

Other stuff:

Poses: Glitterati

Orgguy’s outfit: Bare Rose


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