Fantasy Faire Preview – ND/MD Little Me


The Fantasy Faire opens Saturday! Visit the official blog here. This is going to be so much fun! On the Shifting Sands sim is ND/MD where they will be selling their new Little Me avatars.

These are tiny mesh avatars, based off an original shape by ND/MD. B ecause they have a different shape, they can’t wear petites clothing, but there is already a selection of Little Me clothes in the shop. In the future, Cero Style and *Fairypearls* will be releasing additional clothing for the Little Me line.  There is also a free template that anyone can use to put their own clothing textures on. A special Little Me full avatar will be part of the Fantasy Faire charity auction, only one will be sold.

Little Me avatars come with 6 body types: Full body, No Feet and Half Feet and those options come with or without teeth. There are currently 2 faces available Faith and Lara, with a selection of makeups for each. I’m not showing Lara here but she has a different face shape and a slightly more tanned skin. Males are planned for a future release too.

ND/MD Little me (Faith) - with Freckles

A unique feature of Little Me is that the eyes are included in the body mesh. They are rigged to your regular eyes, so they still move and look around, but you’ll never be accidentally eyeless. Regular prim eyes can be worn over the attached ones if another style is wanted.

ND/MD Little me (Faith glam) and (Faith smoke)

My home is full of little furniture now and I’m happy to see creators giving extra options for our wonderful tiny world. Variety is a lot of fun, and Little Me is unlike any of the others I’ve seen.

Visit ND/MD on Shifting Sands @ Fantasy Faire opening Saturday!

ND/MD Little me (Faith) – complete tinie Avatar 1,350L

ND/MD Little me (Faith glam or smoked) body meshes 1,180L each

ND/MD Little me – *Little me* tanks (pack of 4) 100L

ND/MD Little me – uni Wild pants (pack of 6, 2 versions) 150L

ND/MD Little me – Titania flower bikini 50L

Hair: Exile – Magda (past TDR item)

Poses: Y’s Art&Poses @Pose Fair

Wings: Material Squirrel – Isolde Wings in Berry PETITE 4.2.2

Background: Creative Fantasy – Faery Globe with butterfly by Julia Hathor


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