Pose Fair! 8 shop previews + Rue @ Wear Gray which is up to 500k!


Pose fair begins! From April 15th to the 30th and over two sims, 120 vendors will be showing off their newest stuff. In my post here I’ve picked poses from eight shops to show. They are all taken on the pose fair’s two sims which are very nicely done. I love the design of the place. Simple and clean, white and bright with large statues and trees as decoration with a shimmery water floor. The stores are set up in such a way that if you go from one to the next you’ll never miss out on any. I appreciate that because sometimes at a fair I get lost and worry that I’ve skipped some shops, here you can just start at one and keep walking left. There is also a super useful shoppers guide notecard found in a poster all over the fair, with surls to every shop. In the photo above I’m using a pose from Juxtapose and my skin is .{Rue}. Skins/Anima BlackAnnis: Neuromancer.

I’ve chosen eight pose shops to show because I have eight skins from Rue that I want to show as well. These skins are at Wear Gray, which so far has raised over 500k linden for the ABTA. These skins have a special pattern on the face and body, a design and coloring somewhat like neurons firing. All the regular features that are found on Rue’s skins are included. Eyebrows, freckles, cleavage and there are male versions too. In this pic is a pose from olive juice and .{Rue}. Skins/Anima Dakuwaqa: Neuromancer.

Here my pose is from bounce this – dani2 + {Rue}. Skins/Anima Glacius: Neuromancer. My wings are rigged mesh from europa and I had heard about them before but I had no idea how amazing they were till I bought them. Wings really add a lot of drama to a photo, and it was fun to see how poses can look quite different when wings are worn. These wings come with a nice AO, tons of colors plus a blank texture so you can make your own colors if you want. There are also two cheap fatpacks of horns with matching colors available.

Miamai_Model Pose Pulse 10 +  .{Rue}. Skins/Anima LJ: Neuromancer. Pose Fair has a north sim and a south sim, the north has a family section while the south is mature rated and allows adult poses.

GLITTERATI – Underwater + SmSkins/Anima Isabeal: Neuromancer. There is also a Pose Fair flickr group, anyone can submit photos using poses or animations bought at the fair and three prizes will be given out on May 2 to winners of best photo. http://www.flickr.com/groups/posefair/

Morgane Batista – Morgane’s runway – NV Corsetry pose 2 + .{Rue}. Skins/Anima Takuma: Neuromancer.

oOo studio – parisian_seven + .{Rue}. Skins/Anima Tsukuyomi: Neuromancer, NFr.NBr.Sm.

Gaeline Poses – Female Poses Ballet Edition V2 + .{Rue}. Skins/Anima Yuki-onna: Neuromancer.


Skins: .{Rue}. Skins/Anima @ Wear Gray

Outfit ::: B@R ::: CL Harness Black

Shoes: [Gos] Desire Ankle Boot

Hairbase: booN vine shaved hair base

Eyes: Bastet Prim Eyes – Inferno

Hair: booN BMB103 hair blueblack RIGGED MESH

Horns: [europa] Maelus horns COOL GRADIENT

Wings: [europa] Nyxus wings MAGPIE alpha

All poses from pose fair :p  north sim and south sim

in order skins and poses are –

1. Juxtapose + .{Rue}. Skins/Anima BlackAnnis: Neuromancer, NFr.NBr.Sm

2 olive juice + .{Rue}. Skins/Anima Dakuwaqa: Neuromancer, NFr.NBr.Sm

3. bounce this – dani2 + {Rue}. Skins/Anima Glacius: Neuromancer, NFr.NBr.Sm

4. Miamai_Model Pose Pulse 10 + .{Rue}. .{Rue}. Skins/Anima LJ: Neuromancer, NFr.NBr.

5. GLITTERATI – Underwater + SmSkins/Anima Isabeal: Neuromancer, NFr.NBr.Sm

6. Morgane Batista – Morgane’s runway – NV Corsetry pose 2 + .{Rue}. Skins/Anima Takuma: Neuromancer, NFr.NBr.Sm

7. oOo Studio – parisian_seven + .{Rue}. Skins/Anima Tsukuyomi: Neuromancer, NFr.NBr.Sm

8. Gaeline Poses – Female Poses Ballet Edition V2 + .{Rue}. Skins/Anima Yuki-onna: Neuromancer, NFr.NBr.Sm


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