Day Glo


Sometimes I just feel neon.

I went all out with the glow and full bright too!

Thank goodness for mod items, that I may blind my friends.

Clothing –

Top: :: alterego :: hotflash – pink & orange

Skirt: Nyu – Debut, Peplum Skirt, Azure (Size 2)

Bangles: {Zeery} Silver Enamel Tri Bangles :: Animus :: Splits V3

Boots: HOC Industries – Thigh Boots (Small)

Body –

Eyeshadow: [mock]Complements Shadow (Bicolor Contrast)(eye/liner/mascara)

Lips: Pink Acid Night Diva Lip Gloss Only – Blue

Nails: *Sexy Mamas* Prim Nails – Glitter Pack

Eyes: .{Rue}. Eye’d/Nereid: Thrall, small

Horns mix of two: .{Rue}. Horn’d/Prophet: Thrall + .{Rue}. Horn’d/Ranchero: Thrall

Hair: >TRUTH< Bunny w/Roots – hotpink (subo gift)

Antennae: Lovely_Alien_MothAntennae_A

Ears: Lovely_Alien_WebbedEars_Grey_Tips

Skin: Nuuna’s Skins Black skin cleavage

Poses: Fructose


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