Nomine – Steampunk


Nomine has released some great new steampunk stuffs!

There are outfits, goggles, hats and hair for both guys and ladies.

The Bernadette dress I’m wearing here can be worn without the open front skirt, as a shorts set. There are also two collar options, one without the ruffle.

I took these pics at the awesome Clockwork Kingdom, found through the destination guide. The area has plenty of neat spots to explore, a garden, an airship and more all on platforms floating high in the air connected by walkways and elevators.

Each of the outfits in the Steampunk set is quite different from the others, one of the things I love about Nomine releases.

Outfit: Nomine – SteamPunk Bernadette Dress

Shoes: *GF*[Mesh] Lace-up Boots “Gina”

Wrench: -RC- Repairman’s Wrench

Hair: TRUTH< Parisa w/Roots (Mesh) – silver

Goggles: Nomine – SteamPunk Pinstripe goggles

Skin: -MonS- Mira Skin /Black Shadow-BlossomLip-BrownB (altarnative)

Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Eyes (Amber Pitch, w3)

Location: The Clockwork Kingdom @ Steamed Custard: skyship

The Clockwork Kingdom Teleport Hub room:

Poses: Eternal Dream


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