Twisted Hunt – my favoirite gifts (that I could find)


I began the twisted hunt on the first day, telling myself this time I wouldn’t wait till the last moment to get started. I haven’t been to every shop and I haven’t been able to find every gift at every shop I did go to, but here’s the best of what I got. This is the official site of the hunt where all shops are listed in order along with surls. The undies set I’m wearing is the 69L Sn@tch-N-Grab Special for this week and it will be changing on Wednesday, so hurry if you want it for the sale price.

The gift from Snatch includes two runed Priestess skins, two (3?) eye styles and the runes tattoo on a seperate layer. The Rak thai jewelry set is a bonus gift.

These eyes come on the skin and they aren’t on my face.

Heartsick’s gift also has skins. HS Desire – The Seeker comes with brows, cleavage and freckle options in three tones.

The flowy Arcane dress and awesome animated, floating, glowy, wearable arcane circle is from Likka*House. The Prince of Spade suit and top hat are from Rokumeikan. (Edit: the suit is a bit different, I was given a new pack so I’ll update the photo when I can.)

Scandalous gifts from Blue Blood, ezura Xue and .Sassy.

Eyepatch from Dilly Dolls (other styles are included) and the Illyria eyes in black and grey from the Snatch gift.

The fireplace and art set is from Dreamscapes gallery. The branch on the mantle has a tiny little perched owl. 🙂 The gypsy room, tarot tabe and full avatar with skin, hair, clothing, and magic balls pose is from Kastle Rock. They have a great little mini hunt for these extra gifts, in a very pretty build. The mini hunt is easy, a nice little break from twisted.

The animated genie bottom comes from Weather? or not!. It’s always neat to see what they come up with next, the shop is full of fun toys. The effect comes with an AO and a twisty alpha layer for your waist.The poses on the top and bottom right are from Del May. Unique and strange, a pose was made to match each of the zodiac symbols. There is an extra gift to find too, a few poses that didn’t make it in the main gift. Del May was my first stop on the hunt, I was excited to see the poses. The wand on my hip is from Southpaw, there are three gifts hidden but I didn’t find them all yet! The wand is scripted with a combat system.

The arcane circles floor decoration is from Oddment. One is regular and the other broken, with blood splatter on the floor and part of the protective lines smudged. They include the glowy candles. I’m a sucker for glowy magicy themed stuff so I love this twisted. It’s also nice that participants often stick to one color theme. Usually it’s colors I really like, except for that time it was orange. :p The pose I’m using is from the Del May pack and the wall art is one of the Kastle Rock extras.

Surls for all the shops can be found here but in most of my posts I’m wearing:

Hair: **Pocket Mirrors**    – Scarlet Semi-Updo (new)

Skin: :::Sn@tch – (twisted hunt)

Eyes: :::Sn@tch – (twisted hunt)

Clothing::::Sn@tch – Tiny Tankini (sale)

Shoes: HOC – Platform Pumps


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