Tiny meeroos for teeny fairys!


Are we not the cutest thing ever?

This baby teacup meeroo fits perfectly in the arms of my new petite fawn avatar from Skinthesis. The avatar comes with the hair, eyes, modest and bare bodies, stubby horns, faun legs, a little tail and chest fluff. Like other petites avatars, a tinting and expression HUD is included as well as three hand poses. A full demo is available for testing.

My outfit is also from Skinthesis, a tiny version of the Sky Dancer. I’ve also got my Moose horns from Illusions. I was planning to go hunting with those Olive Juice beast poses from Epoch, some sort of reverse “now the shoe is on the other foot” sort of thing. But when I picked up my meeroo, all that went out the window and I just stood around at home admiring the lil guy.

Since this is my first post with a petite avatar, I’ll share few links which have been a big help to me getting started. This is the main area surl, they have a bunch of avatars from different shops, and lots of clothing and hair choices too. Second Life Maps | YABU

There is also a petites flickr Flickr: The The Petites of Second Life Pool

This is a great blogpost full of info {::: Orinoco Flow :::}: [Mesh] PETITE Angelwing Fall Fairy

The yabusaka official blog http://yabusaka.blogspot.com/

There is also a petites inworld group which has an active chat and plenty of release announcements and little gifts in the notices.

Picking up my meeroo was a bit of an ordeal. I went to the first sim that came up on the search “meeroo”. It’s a big auction sim, tons of nests and all I knew was that I wanted something a bit fancy. I picked out my favorite coat from the chart then walked alll over the sim looking for Kimodo. Looking at the chart I decided my dream pet would be clear eyes, (any color but red or pink), Savanna Komodo coat (welsh, forest was second pick), notched ears, long mane and normal tail. Average or smaller in size. The only thing I was set on was the coat and size, so I make my way around the sim inspecting all the little stalls of nests. Not kidding, I marked the path I took and that was a lot of browsing. Red circle is the start and the pink heart like blob is the finish.

I found four nests in my price range 200-300L and a few others that were 1-2.5k. All the cheaper ones were dusty eyed and average or bigger but that was okay, I don’t know anything about meeroo prices but I know specials add to the cost. When I was nearly back to the first stall I found a shop with two komodo clear eyes, one was toy and one was teacup, just 200L each. Jackpot! Then I ran around a meeroo petting sim so I could find a toy and a teacup to see exactly what the size difference was. Anyways, thanks to Felix Flux for selling a low price and adorable new buddy! I’m glad I found it because I think the clear eyes look much better in photos, and Mr.Little is going to be a supa model.

Credits –

Antlers: *~Illusions*Moose Antlers

Avatar: Skinthesis Fawn – Rawhide

Outfit: Skinthesis – Sky Dancer – Lick of Frost Skinthesis

Poses: AX-006 Posing Lady AO (Oracul Animation HUD)

Background: Trompe Loeil – The Grotto


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