Skin Review/Overview – Mynerva’s New Milena


I’ve been looking forward to a new release from Mynerva for quite awhile, and ever since Rhapzody returned to us my excitement has grown. Now Milena is out and she does not disappoint. With tons of options to customise and make her your own, I’m sure she will become the new favorite for many. 😀

There are eight skin tones and five makeup styles to choose from. But if you can’t decide, the megapack is only 3,000L and includes all tones with the pure face and all makeups on tattoo layers. If you prefer to buy a single tone, then the pure face is sold for 1K each and tattoo makeups are sold for just 150L a pack. Five skin packs with makeup on are also available instead of the pure pack, useful for those who can’t stack tattoo layers.

There are three cleavage options, with a deeper cleavage coming soon in a group gift. Speaking of, the group gifts are still out. Four skins and a parted lips alpha layer pack.

Eyebrow tattoos are included in the skin packs and come in red, blonde, brown and black. Each color has variations from light to dark. Skins come with one eyebrow color but there is a browless skin to use the tattoos on. Freckled skins are in the pack too! The shape is for sale for 350L, though I’m not showing it here.

The makeup packs come with eyeshadows, lashes, liners, lips and combos for less stacking. What exactly is included varies by pack but they all have over ten eyeshadows and lips each and they are all mod (tintable)! Below are samples from packs the makeup packs 1-5.

Pack 1 has basic liner, lips and liner/lip combos.

Pack 2 has bold eyeshadows, lips and eye/lip combos.

Pack 3 has shimmery eyeshadow, glossy lips, eyeshadow + lash, lips + eyeshadw and lips +shadow + lash.

Pack 4 has lips, soft smokey shadows and shadows + lip.

Pack 5 has lips, spikey cat eyeliner, eyeliner + lip and eyeliner + shadow + lips.

These makeups do go nicely on other skins and work well with many tones. The tinting helps blend them with darker toned skins.

So…she is nicely priced, beautiful what more could I possibly ask for? But with talk in the group about plans to add things like extra cleavage and ankle socks to match slink feet I’m sure more will be coming!

Credits –

Hair: [elikatira] Abbey – Blonde 07

Skin: ~Mynerva~Milena Pure~

Eyes: Ibanez Ltd Edition Natural Eyes – Blue

Lashes: *FTL* Eyelashes – C01 Natural

Undies: :::Dimbula Rose::: BL&BE ribbon

Shoes: *G Field* Strap Shoes “Alex” -patent


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