Art Screamer


I have been seeing a ton of beautiful photos from this sim, I got the free avatar near the landing point and had some fun. Wearing the avatar I really felt a part of the sim. I blend in perfectly, it’s like being able to move around inside a painting. Then I added on all my feathers and I didn’t blend in so well, but just being there you feel very artsy. 🙂

The sim has a blog where there are more photos, other blog links, a flickr group and more info on the artist.

There are so many lovely spots. And quite a few creepy ones as well, with skulls and ghosts, dinosaurs, man eating plants and jellyfish ocean rooms in the sky.

One thing I enjoy with a mesh avatar is that I can use harsh windlight settings without making my avatar look haggard. Makes me feel super fancy.

There is some crazy tentacle hair attachment included with the avatar but it wouldn’t fit my hat. I’m also wearing a different shape and eyes. I made her taller with longer arms and neck.

Also, don’t forget to wear the texture rez helper. I have no idea what it does exactly, but if you don’t you’ll be all blurry and stand around wondering why like I did for 20mins before I mentioned the problem to a friend.

I have heard a rumor that the artist, claudia222 Kewell, may participate in the crazy arse hair hunt 3!

I was given this copy/trans ramen chicken outfit while I was on the sim and tried it on after I was done with photos. Even the mad get hungry right? Everythings gotta eat and man flesh get boring after awhile.

Credits –

Outfit + Headress: ::: B@R ::: Flor Branca

Eyes: Ibanez – Bastet Prim Eyes – Snow Leopard

Avatar: ccc spirit wings ccc_woman_feb_18k (free gift @ Art Screamer)

Jewelry: Zibska – Cerys ~ Earrings

Mask: [ContraptioN] Mister Odd Mask (past group gift)

Location: Art Screamer

Chicken: chicken-raamen cart by (name won’t rez :p)

Poses: Olive Juice (closed)


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