Charity Breakfast for Maternity Worldwide


The Breakfast outfit from Fierce Designs is one of three limited edition dresses which were runners up in the One in a Million designer challenge and are now being sold to benefit The designer of Fierce, Sally Soleil is a midwife in real life and will be putting the money raised from the dresses on her justgiving site where she is collecting funds to travel to Ethiopia to work with Maternity Worldwide. This charity exists to reduce the high rate of death for women and infants in Ethiopia where as many as 1 in 7 women die giving birth.

The women often can’t afford transportation or medical bills when a problem occurs. Maternity Worldwide provides midwife training, promotes community awareness of risk factors during pregnancy and gives communities ways to pay for health care. That Sally gives her time for this wonderful cause is quite an inspiration to me and I’m glad to have learned about the program. 🙂

This creative outfit includes dress, hair, eyes and shoes. It’s made to look like you’ve wrapped a breakfast table cloth around yourself with a fried egg skirt, silverware, coffee and all the tasty breakfast foods you could wish for. As it is limited edition, there are only 200 to be sold in SL. Like everything at Fierce, they are trans so it could make quite the gift.

The shoes read “I love dippy eggs” and have toast heels. The sausage and eggs are happy to see you!

I only have eyes for sausage and eggs.

The hair is wrapped around dripping tomatos, lemons and oranges. A stack of waffles with jelly rests on the shoulder.

Elena is one of the newest skins from essences and she comes in five skin tones. There are packs of tattoo layer eyeliners, lipsticks and cleavage layers made for Elena available as well.

I’ve taken these photos at Hi Calo, an adorable shop filled with tasty furniture sold for a low price. Pancake beds, cream soda chairs and hamburger futons plus a cute little cafe area to enjoy your new eats.

Credits –

Outfit + hair + shoes: Fierce Designs Breakfast (1000L)

Skin: essences – Elena – Native (800L)

Lips: essences – Elena lipstick red 02 (200L pack)

Eyeliner:essences – Elena eyeliner 03 (199L pack)

Eyes: Ibanez Ltd. ed Grey

Hairbase: Likeli

Location: Hi Calo


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