Moonstruck – Let’s Get Cookin


I’m loving the Violante outfit from Moonstruck and it comes with a ton of options! Here I’m wearing the tarty version because it gets hot over the stove! But it also includes a modesty undershirt to cover the chest. Other options include an open or closed skirt, a cream or purple top, long poofy sleeves option for the winter days and the leather corset. There are also two belt styles  plain or with pouches of herbs hanging off.

The cooking apron I’m wearing is sold seperately and comes with or without the pocket full of cooking tools. I love the wear on the apron, it has a used and lived in look to it. Sometimes it can be hard to find sightly worn RP clothing, and everything ends up looking a bit too perfect or too ragged. So the attention to detail in this outfit is very nice.

The Medieval Style 003 hair from Fantavatar comes with a built in menu that changes the color of the netting and ribbons, with nine textures to choose from. This style is elegant enough to be worn to the ball, but I also feel it fits with my homemaker outfit here. Just put my hair up to do a bit of housework! When seen from the front, this hair reminds me a lot of Belle’s style from Beauty and the Beast with her big bow and loose curls around the face.

My heart necklace and eyeshadow are two of the gifts that can be found at Seraphim HQ. The group is free to join and they have a new round of items out, many of em valentines themed.

I took these photos at Roawenwood, a giant shop with everything you might need to set up a great RP area. They have clothing, chores and scenery. They participate in a lot of events and hunts too, so there is often a good deal to be found.

Credits –

Hair:  !! FANTAVATAR !! Medieval Style 003 – Red Medium (new)

Skin: ~Mynerva~Kia 4 Cleavage NB

Eyebrows: Mynerva Eyebrow style 1

Eyes: MADesigns EYES_CLARITY ~ dark mystery

Lashes:*FTL* Eyelashes – C01 Natural

Eyeshadow: [mock]eShadow Purple Winterberry 1 (seraphim gift)

Frek: [Ill] Illusory_Freckles – Milk Light

Frek2: Mynerva ~Hundreds and Thousands

Outfit: !! MOONSTRUCK !! Violante Purple (new)

Apron: !! MOONSTRUCK !! Apron with Cooking Tools (new)


Poses: Olive Juice

Location: Roawenwood


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