Bloody Sunday


I just got back from nearly a full week without the internet! I was soo bored, but now I’m back with lots to catch up on!

The half off sales are still going on at Ibanez and Violent Seduction, and ni ju has a one day sale (today thursday jan 5th) which is ending at midnight tonight with several vendors marked down to 22L or 2L. I’m not wearing anything from ni ju today I just thought I should mention it. :p

Pocket Mirrors has several new hairs, these hairs are sculpted retro inspired styles and cost 200L for a pack of four colors. The one I’m wearing here is is a cute little bob that hides half of the eye. There are two versions of each color included, the regular style and it’s mirror. I think this really shows that lovely low prim styles are still being made. Gina is just 16 prims which is something I’ll remember next time I’m planning on visiting a laggy fair. Also I visited the shop today and saw a neat dollarbie style in 3 colors, yay!

My dress and shoes are both from Violent Seduction. During the sale Persephone is 300L each or 1k for the fatpack of 5 colors. It’s a mesh dress with only the bow on the chest being adjustable. These boots are 100L each and sculpted. The lashes I’m wearing are from sauce and are 40L a the ftlo black market. The mandala nails were part of a christmas cheapie and I think these are now the most ornate set my avatar owns.

These eyes from Ibanez…I love them. I love them all and I was planning to do a big pic with my Ibanez haul from the sale but my internet suddenly going out threw off my groove. And then I totally took way too many photos in the church.

This church build is amazing, so beautiful inside and out. To get there visit the Heart Softens mainshop and take the teleport on the wall, right under the group join sign. I love how it floats on the clouds, the santa stained glass was amusing and everything is so shiny and glowy. The pulpet has a reading animation and there is a tiny wedding ring box sitting on it too, so really perfect for weddings or at least wedding photos.

I was originally planning to take these pics in the heavenly area of the Milk and Cream island but it’s one of the hidden spots and I couldn’t find it. I did take some pics in the garden though for next time. 🙂


Hair:**Pocket Mirrors** Gina 2 Short Charcoal new
Skin: Mother Goose – Chiaki (this makeup was an old hunt gift)
Eyes: Ibanez ColorGlow Eyes – Rhovanion (half off sale)
Lashes: sauce – ka pow! lashes @FTLO Black Market
Dress: Violent Seduction – Persephone Blood (half off sale)
Nails: Mandala – milky way
Shoes: Violent Seduction – Debauchery Boot (half off sale)
Location: Church above the Heart Softens mainshop (take the tp on the wall)


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