Siren’s Song – Evie’s Closet Sale


Don’t worry, this siren doesn’t want to crash any ships.

One of the things I got at the Evie’s Closet sale. I wanted everything! Well, I got my favorites, and one item twice (I forgot I had bought it previously in the same color hehe). Here I’ve got the Lumina Mermaid and Nymph sets. The body scales that come with these sets are great, they will be nice modesty coverups for fantasy or creature outfits in the future even if I’m not dressing as a mermaid.

The hair from little heaven is not longer for sale, and it’s too bad since it’s my favorite mermaid hair. The long ponytail moves as if it was floating underwater.


Credits –

Hair: Little Heaven – Yukia Mermaid (closed now)

Skin: Custom

Eyes: .ID. Hybrid – Violet

Outfit1: Evie’s Closet – Lumina Mermaid – Purple

Outfit2: Evie’s Closet – Lumina Nymph – Blue


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