Eboni – New Skin from ND/MD


Eboni is new from ND/MD. It’s in the photorealistic style and comes in four tones and four makeups. I’m showing off the natural tone.  The makeups are natural, mocca, night and glam with glossy lips and subtle smokey shadows. Also included are hairbase/bald options and cleavage on tattoo and undershirt layers. A unique addition to the pack is the tattoo layer hair shadow meant to be worn with the Rykiel hair from Lelutka. The shadow cast on the face shots above is not from the in game lighting system but from the tattoo.

I’m wearing eyes and shape from ND/MD too. The shape is has plenty of assets and a small waist, giving an almost corseted hourglass look. It’s no mod but comes in a few versions, cleavage or none and size zero feet or size 20. They will also do simple mods to the shape on request for no extra charge. I usually make my own shape but I admit there is something fun about wearing a shape by someone else, looking just like the model in the ad.

This is my friend’s garden, she has a scrying pool in the courtyard of her little home. The home and the hanging chair I’m laying on are from Mole End, the housing and decor shop from Evie’s Closet. My dress isn’t actually one I picked up from the half off sale, it was one I had already. Most of the stuff I got from the sale are fantasy and it seemed like something more modern would be a better match for this skin. It’s crazy how many half off sales are going on right now, filthy and red mint are doing it too. The Plastik soon (or perhaps that one already started?). I thought Christmas would be the busy sale season.

Credits –

Hair:[LeLutka] – Rykiel

Skin: ND/MDEboni natural ty!

Eyes: ND/MD Mooney – Naomi

Shape: ND/MD Eboni

Outfit: Evie’s Closet – Coppelia

Nails: Jamman Jewels ty!

Body Suit: Sur (old hunt gift)


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