All out of candy


*Digs through a large pile of candy wrappers, revealing a keyboard*

Hello you guys! I had a nice little autumn break, but I wanted to post a few things I’ve gotten recently.

Lots of stuff from 24hour sales, or sales that I only find out about near the end, like my hair from elikatira or the dress from R.icili. So… even though I don’t have anything in my picture from Evie’s Closet, (maybe tommorow) in case you didn’t hear there is a 50 percent off sale going on. :p

I really like the texture on this dress and it was on sale for only 30L but it doesn’t come with glich layers or an alpha layer. It does have a glich layer for your waist but if you plan to go out it’s probably a good idea to wear some tights and an undershirt. Or just stay at home taking photos of yourself like I do!

The nails I’ve got on are new from Jamman. There are several color huds for 299L a piece, and each hud comes with ten shades as well as the option for french tips. I’m wearing one of the shades from the yellow/orange/green pack. The nails come with four rings which can be recolored individually using the hud, you can also hide or show the each ring and it’s gems. The hand reset gesture is also built into the hud, to fix those times when the hands get stuck in the splayed position.

Credits –

Hair: Elikatira – Looking

Skin: Dutch Touch – Mensje

Eyes: Aphotic Gloom – Aquillis Rebel

Earrings/ Nails: Jamman Jewels ty!

Dress: R.icielli – Jeane


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